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Generational Conversationals

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I believe the children are the future.. Teach them well.. Etcetera.

I remember when my young cousin was the size of my foot.. 13 years later and the boy has a little bass in his voice.. All of which he uses to tell me about his variety of “bitches.” Continue reading


Obamajama Jam

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King Anyi

I had the opportunity to visit the Latino American Youth Center on a tour.  The younstas there are all off into media and it was really dope sharin my travel stories with them through the Bliznog.  I was super juiced after they showed me their Inaugural “Obama Pajama Party.”  Ill let you look and listen to how these kids are throwin’ down!

Jonezin!… luv that ish!!

here is the LAYC’s website!


Here’s Cornel West- VERY upbeat after inauguration ceremony

…. If we are going fulfil Dr. King’s dream of everyone being judge, not by skin color, but the content of one’s character.. Im going to be treated like even more of an a*****e!

I might get harassed by police for fitting thhe desription of another a*****e


sillly thought.

Declare Yourself Inaugural Ball

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King Anyi
This Ball at the Renaissance in DC brought some stars and Feeemales out!…
More photos and interviews soon! Stay tuned!