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I saw on twitter that Kanye “really don’t be thinkin about Walmart when I create my music or album covers #kanyeshrug” then I quoted the tweet, because Retweeting sucks on the twitter iPhone app and quoting a tweet makes more sense AND uses the same amount of characters as the RT and I thought it was silly to see Kanye put in the #kanyeshurug, because it should’ve been just a shrug #ImeanRIGHT.. but then I saw what he was talking about that got “banned in the USA”

I thought, “Kanye West’s album gets banned!? I can’t believe that the powers that be won’t let this image run in stores and shelves! It’s not like it’s a grotesque image! It’s not like a hideous depiction of the black demon lying buck naked getting rode by a white she beast with wings for arms! Oh wait- it is all of those things and worse. He didn’t make space of the whole cover! Fuck that album cover. I think the artist/producer/director/conceptualist who created the “Power” song and video can come up with something better than that there. LA Times suggests its a media stunt. I hope the hell so. But even if the album gets banned in places like Walmart and Best Buy for having, what looks like demons fucking, he’ll probably still do strong sales

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808’s and Jail Breaks

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rap star Kanye West was charged on Wednesday with battery, theft and vandalism in connection with a September 11, 2008 scuffle with paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport.

kanye 808 and jail-break

This is Kanye busting a camera open… I’d have beaten the breaks off Kanye.. this is MY camera!

The L.A. District Attorney’s Office has accused West, 31, of smashing camera equipment in the encounter. He faces up to two and a half years in prison if convicted on all the misdemeanor charges… If convicted, he’ll an album called “808’s and Jailbreaks.”

For Whom The Patti LaBelle Tolls

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Kanye “footmouth” West recently said he considered Beyonce to be the “greatest singer… Greater than Tina Turner!” Somebody obviously is putting drugs in his vocoder because Patti LaBelle still reigns diva supreme! The fact that he considered Tina Turner as the vocalist to beat (just forgot all about Aretha) is proof that not only are his jeans too tight, his barber doesn’t like him and snipped a few braincells off the top of his incomplete haircut!

LMAO.. But we digress…

Today, the Bliznog, if no one else will, salutes Patti LaBelle… This classic was the feature song on the “Beverly Hills Cop” Soundtrack, and is inspiration for getting the eff up out the house on a Friday night!

What would be great is if Bey and LaBelle had a duet, so we can witness the vocal beatdown!.. It happened to Gladys!

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Inaugural Trail: Showtime!

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King Anyi

I knew Barack Obama was going to bring this nation together…

I just didn’t know we’d be CRAMMED together too!

And it’s colder than penguin boxers!

You didn’t believe me!?

Its so crammed, somebody’s gonna end up pregnant!

Cornel West had this to say of Bush: “We gonna pray for him, but it’s over! Go on to Texas!… It’s a new day!”

More photos!

Stay Tuned for more! + video!

Dubya: “Shoe in” for ‘World’s Most Hated’

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The brother of an Iraqi reporter has become a local folk hero for his ‘courageous’ attempt to beam soon-to-be former US President George W. Bush. Peep the video if u haven’t seen it a zillion times
He should have known he wouldn’t be able to tag the president. Dodgeball was the only subject Dubya excelled in.!

Oliver Stone probably wishes this happened while he was writing his biopic, “W.,” based on Bush’s life.

We at the Bliznog find the shoe hurler’s actions disrespectful and inexcusable! We also believe he should apologize immediately… To his shoes!

I pulled this toon off of hilarious! Add them on twitter @dcagle

It’s no secret that Bush doesn’t care about black people, as made clear by Kanye West during the height of Hurricane Katrina. It’s no suprise that black people don’t like Georgy Porgy either. We doubt, However, that you could find a brotha or sista who would throw some shoes at the dude… ESPECIALLY not some Air Jordan’s!

That would be silly!

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The “R” is for “Rape”

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It’s common knowledge by now that Robert “R. Kelly” beat charges of statutory rape. However, if procecutors were to bring up “the R” on remix rape charges, their case would stick! I displayed the “Pied Piper’s” remix rape of T-Pain and Ludacris’ “Chopped and Screwed” (see post titled SHAWTY DONT CHOP ME, SCREW YOU), where he just plain booted Luda out the mix. When the R does a remix, it becomes his! Which is why I call it remix rape.
Exhibit A: Ciara- Promise (remix)
..Not even fair

Exhibit B: Beyonce- If I Were a Boy (remix)
… I admit that I hated this song.. Until Robert hit it….

But wait!… Robert raped Kanye!
Exhibit C: Kanye West- Love Lockdown (remix)

Lock him up and throw away the key.. But let him keep makin rapemixes

Rapemixes is a silly word I just made up.

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The “R” is for “Rape”

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It’s common knowledge by now that Robert “R. Kelly” beat charges of statutory rape. However, if procecutors were to bring up “the R” on remix rape charges, their case would stick! I originally pounted this out on my post ” SHAWTY DONT CHOP ME, SCREW YOU!” showing you what he did to T-Pain & Ludacris’, CHOPPED AND SCREWED. He forcibly had his way with the beat and it wasn’t fair!.. We must prosecute! The Bliznog has built a case against the “Pied Piper.”

Exhibit A: Ciara- Promise
… That’s just not fair!

Exhibit B: Beyonce- If I Were a Boy
.. I’ll admit, I HATED this song.. Until the R hit it! Now it’s the perfect duet.

But damn… Did Kells have to rape Kanye… Yes he did!

Exhibit C: Kanye West: Love Lockdown
Waaaaaaay better than the original.
The Pied Piper took them cheecks!

Lock him up and throw away the key.. And force him to do more rapemixes!

Rapemix is a silly word I just made up for R. Kelly remixes

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