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Phoenix Rapping!?

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It’s official: Joaquin Phoenix no longer wants to act. Instead, the Oscar nominated performer wants to rap. Think “Marky” Mark Wahlberg, but in reverse. The Bliznog will be scratching our heads until his single drops (probably longer than that). They boy says his heart’s in rap, though, and even wants P. Diddy to lend a helping more at Reuters ( ) Maybe He’ll rap about a boat. Like these fools, Lonely Island ft. T-Pain

More Boats, and H*es

All these rappers and boats.. Why not keep the party goin!?

Hey! Here’s a rap starter kit for all the white-boy fellas who want to jump into hiznip-hop:

Make it happen!


Slappers For Your Weekend

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The Bliznog gathered up some jams for your weekend! Your Welcome.

Kardinal Official – Set it Off remix ft. The Clipse and Dr. Dre

When’s the last time you heard dre rap on something?.. 2002? No 2001..?

Jamie Foxx – Blame It ft. T-Pain

Nice and hypo

Ciara – Keep Dancing ft. The Dream

Can’t end on a slow note..

Yung Joc – Real Hard

The “R” is for “Rape”

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It’s common knowledge by now that Robert “R. Kelly” beat charges of statutory rape. However, if procecutors were to bring up “the R” on remix rape charges, their case would stick! I originally pounted this out on my post ” SHAWTY DONT CHOP ME, SCREW YOU!” showing you what he did to T-Pain & Ludacris’, CHOPPED AND SCREWED. He forcibly had his way with the beat and it wasn’t fair!.. We must prosecute! The Bliznog has built a case against the “Pied Piper.”

Exhibit A: Ciara- Promise
… That’s just not fair!

Exhibit B: Beyonce- If I Were a Boy
.. I’ll admit, I HATED this song.. Until the R hit it! Now it’s the perfect duet.

But damn… Did Kells have to rape Kanye… Yes he did!

Exhibit C: Kanye West: Love Lockdown
Waaaaaaay better than the original.
The Pied Piper took them cheecks!

Lock him up and throw away the key.. And force him to do more rapemixes!

Rapemix is a silly word I just made up for R. Kelly remixes

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The “R” is for “Rape”

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It’s common knowledge by now that Robert “R. Kelly” beat charges of statutory rape. However, if procecutors were to bring up “the R” on remix rape charges, their case would stick! I displayed the “Pied Piper’s” remix rape of T-Pain and Ludacris’ “Chopped and Screwed” (see post titled SHAWTY DONT CHOP ME, SCREW YOU), where he just plain booted Luda out the mix. When the R does a remix, it becomes his! Which is why I call it remix rape.
Exhibit A: Ciara- Promise (remix)
..Not even fair

Exhibit B: Beyonce- If I Were a Boy (remix)
… I admit that I hated this song.. Until Robert hit it….

But wait!… Robert raped Kanye!
Exhibit C: Kanye West- Love Lockdown (remix)

Lock him up and throw away the key.. But let him keep makin rapemixes

Rapemixes is a silly word I just made up.

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Shawty dont chop me! Screw you!

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I was feelin T-Pain’s “Chopped and Screwed” with Ludacris… Then I heard the remix featuring the Pied Piper himself… The aRuh R. Kelly… Now I’m in love widdit!


I’ve been chopped before, but never screwed out of by money… But being chopped is bad enough! You know when a female gives u a little play then does the hokey pokey on you… This broad I was talkin to in Riverside wanted to spend the night at my house, but didn’t want to bone, which is acceptable for our first time kicking it… But then the bitch suggested I sleep on the floor… At my home… Where EYE pay rent. Needless to say, she got thee worse verbal assault I’ve ever given anyone, man woman, or child.. But I was chopped… Thank goodness for game… If not for that magical thing I might have been screwed too… And I wouldn’t have had a backup stallion to entertain either… SCREW YOU BOO BOO!

But maybe Im crazy…

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Suge and Kanye, Luda and Teddy

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Every one has asked themselves this question at least once in their life. Are you afraid of Suge Knight? My answer was no. That was when I just knew Suge the Intimidator. I didn’t fear that guy more than any other man. But now I’ve noticed another side to Suge… The Victim… I’ll just avoid that guy altogether..

I mean sure Suge the Intimidator will knock you out and steal your masters, but Suge the Victim will get knocked out at a party and sue everyone in view of the incident…

Case in point: this happened to Suge in Miami at a pre-MTV VMA party

Since this 2005 party, in which Suge got shot AND Lost an ear ring valued at over $100k, was being thrown by Kanye West, Marion “Sugar Bear” Knight decided today to sue the chest hair off the dude..

I’m not too excited to hear Kanyievel sing his entire upcoming release “808s and Heartbreak,” but I don’t wanna sue him!… I’d probably rather be knocked out and my masters took!


Ludacris and T-Pain are releasing singles featuring eachother… I approve.

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