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Ain’t No Telin’ Bout Ellen

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My lil brother thought he was sick.. he’s been listening to a lot of Lil B rap songs! This dude from Berkeley, Ca who raps with the Wolf Pack and is now a sensation in rap among some. The boy does know how to stir up controversy! He compares himself to “pretty Bitches” “princesses” and Ellen Degeneres. He recently said on Twitter that if Kanye West doesn’t collab with him he would, in so many words, rape him. He’d be great for the ELLIN SHOW

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Swagger R.I.P.

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When P.Diddy started saying swagger on his MTV show Making the Band 2 (the one with the rappers), the word instantly started to catch like a virus. Fast Forward to today, it’s a damn epidemic! Swagger, a word to describe one’s general M.O., of “get down move and shake,” has infected legions of leming-like bandwagoneers in Hip-Hop. After this, I hope we will let swagger join the ranks of it’s predecessors, Steelo, Steeze, and Flava!


Cam’ron accused Jay-Z of Swagger theft!

Soulja Boi Tellem “Turns his Swag On” for you. ( Soulja please don’t hurt ’em!)

And if THAT didn’t make you want to bury swagger… This should!


I’m trying to bring back “Steelo” and his little brother “Steeze!”

Question: if Flava Flav were a new artist today, would his name be Swagga Swag?

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