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Rap Lords of the Dance

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“Gangstas don’t dance, we boogie” -Kurupt

“My niggas don’t dance, we just pull up our pants and do the Rockaway” – Fat Joe

Rap cats kill me!  They always say they don’t dance, but will immediately start dancing.  I first caught on to this when Kurupt of the Dogg Pound said he doesn’t dance, he boogies, while doing a gangster dance called the C-Walk (the C is for Crip).  Fat Joe had a hit where he repeats in THE CHORUS how him and his crew don’t dance, but they do the Rockaway, which is a fuckin’ dance (dumbass).  Then the bastard had the nerve to INSTRUCT us in the dance (which is to just lean back repeatedly and rhythmically).  Too bad they didn’t know that only years later EVERYBODY would be coming out with more dances that Sadie Hawkins! Ever since Soulja Boy saw success off his “Crank Dat” record, folks have been treating rap like a promotional tool to sell dances..  I don’t want to be a “Jerk” but fuck these ole’ Michael Flatley ass busters!  The latest dance has me fed up!  Some young fools were must’ve been watching TNT or TBS one late night and saw the movie Weekend at Bernie’s and thought, “We can do this in the club!” Continue reading


Swagger R.I.P.

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When P.Diddy started saying swagger on his MTV show Making the Band 2 (the one with the rappers), the word instantly started to catch like a virus. Fast Forward to today, it’s a damn epidemic! Swagger, a word to describe one’s general M.O., of “get down move and shake,” has infected legions of leming-like bandwagoneers in Hip-Hop. After this, I hope we will let swagger join the ranks of it’s predecessors, Steelo, Steeze, and Flava!


Cam’ron accused Jay-Z of Swagger theft!

Soulja Boi Tellem “Turns his Swag On” for you. ( Soulja please don’t hurt ’em!)

And if THAT didn’t make you want to bury swagger… This should!


I’m trying to bring back “Steelo” and his little brother “Steeze!”

Question: if Flava Flav were a new artist today, would his name be Swagga Swag?

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