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Don’t Fall for the Okie Doke!

Posted in Comedian Life, Life.. in General!, Observations with tags , , , , on January 6, 2011 by kinganyi

I video taped a dude get str8 hustled by a dude with three bottle caps, some balled up shit, and a purple suit.. Lol dude lost $50!.. I didn’t have the heart to tell this kid his lips were HELLA CRUSTED!.. but check it out at 2:30.. I get MY HATE ON!!


Twit Picks!

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These twittaholics made my day!

@dcagle We have a new collection of cartoons about financial Ponzi schemer Madoff

.. Here’s some of them! Follow link 4 moe.. Funny!

.. Have you seen Paris Hilton’s $2m (£1.3m) stolen jewelry?
.. IT’S SO HOT!… Lmao

@News_Weather Thief steals Paris Hilton Jewels: S burglar broke into the Los Angeles home of socialite Paris Hilton and stole..

Lick lick lick licked like a lollipop!


This fool blew my mind!

@lambolambo sleeping in your car is the shit! No Hobo



Too silly!

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