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Rap Lords of the Dance

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“Gangstas don’t dance, we boogie” -Kurupt

“My niggas don’t dance, we just pull up our pants and do the Rockaway” – Fat Joe

Rap cats kill me!  They always say they don’t dance, but will immediately start dancing.  I first caught on to this when Kurupt of the Dogg Pound said he doesn’t dance, he boogies, while doing a gangster dance called the C-Walk (the C is for Crip).  Fat Joe had a hit where he repeats in THE CHORUS how him and his crew don’t dance, but they do the Rockaway, which is a fuckin’ dance (dumbass).  Then the bastard had the nerve to INSTRUCT us in the dance (which is to just lean back repeatedly and rhythmically).  Too bad they didn’t know that only years later EVERYBODY would be coming out with more dances that Sadie Hawkins! Ever since Soulja Boy saw success off his “Crank Dat” record, folks have been treating rap like a promotional tool to sell dances..  I don’t want to be a “Jerk” but fuck these ole’ Michael Flatley ass busters!  The latest dance has me fed up!  Some young fools were must’ve been watching TNT or TBS one late night and saw the movie Weekend at Bernie’s and thought, “We can do this in the club!” Continue reading


Phoenix Rapping!?

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It’s official: Joaquin Phoenix no longer wants to act. Instead, the Oscar nominated performer wants to rap. Think “Marky” Mark Wahlberg, but in reverse. The Bliznog will be scratching our heads until his single drops (probably longer than that). They boy says his heart’s in rap, though, and even wants P. Diddy to lend a helping more at Reuters ( ) Maybe He’ll rap about a boat. Like these fools, Lonely Island ft. T-Pain

More Boats, and H*es

All these rappers and boats.. Why not keep the party goin!?

Hey! Here’s a rap starter kit for all the white-boy fellas who want to jump into hiznip-hop:

Make it happen!

Obamajama Jam

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King Anyi

I had the opportunity to visit the Latino American Youth Center on a tour.  The younstas there are all off into media and it was really dope sharin my travel stories with them through the Bliznog.  I was super juiced after they showed me their Inaugural “Obama Pajama Party.”  Ill let you look and listen to how these kids are throwin’ down!

Jonezin!… luv that ish!!

here is the LAYC’s website!


Here’s Cornel West- VERY upbeat after inauguration ceremony

…. If we are going fulfil Dr. King’s dream of everyone being judge, not by skin color, but the content of one’s character.. Im going to be treated like even more of an a*****e!

I might get harassed by police for fitting thhe desription of another a*****e


sillly thought.

Nameless 90’s Singers

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If Cassie, Ciara, or Britney Spears were singers in the 90’s, they would be lost forever on tracks like this:
You know the group, and the song… But who is the singer??
… When Dr. Dre called on Snoop to diss Eazy E and Luke on “Dre Day”, he also hired a singer, who will forever remain nameless:

and who sung this??

… Oh yea, Tasha!… If she never sang her name you wouldn’t even know who the he’ll it was!


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Free Gucci!

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Gucci Mane may be behind bars, but his name is ringing like a mother!.. The Bliznog will be bumpin this these Gucci tracks until they spring cuzzo from the bing.

Gucci Mane ft Soulja Boi- Get Em, Got Em

I know Soulja Boi tried… SMH
Moving along…

Gucci Mane ft. Nelly and R. Kelly- U Cud Getit

I know Gucci just hypes the track.. But he hyped the hell out that mother!

Moving along to the piece du whatever.. Gucci and Slim over C-Murder’s “For My N****s” beat.. New classic!

Gucci Mane ft Slim (of 112)- U Want


Why does a prison sentence equal platinum sales?

Will Lil Wayne go to prison? If so, will it help or stall his movement?

How long will it take before prisons adopt a music program to keep inmates focused on making hot beats and laying hot tracks?? You can already get a Phd. behind bars(not just the ‘player hater one), just sayin??

Which was the silliest question of the three?( or 4 if THIS question was silly)

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R.I.P. Pimp C

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One year ago today, Chad Butler AKA Pimp C of UGK, was found dead in a hotel room from an deadly mixture of prescribed medication. This is The Bliznog’s tribute to Pimp C: Southern Rap pioneer.

In KNOCKIN DOORZ DOWN, Pimp C attempts to unify Houston rappers at odds with each other. Featuring P.O.P. And Lil Keke
POURIN’ UP is probably my favorite Pimp C tracks and features Bun B and Mike Jones (actually rapping tight!)
TRILL NIGGAZ DONT DIE is a jam off UGK’s #1 Billboard album “Underground Kingz”… It sums up how most of us feel about Pimp C… And is cause for celebration.

I declare December 4th Pimp C day… Where we celebrate the everlasting Trill… Hol Up!

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