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Hammer Please Don’t (pt.3 of the Saga)

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So Hammer isn’t backing down, even though Jigga says it wasn’t an intentional diss.  But I must hand it to Hammer, he is definitely the opposite of a buster!.. The man CALLS A BROOKLYN radio station and handles these questions.  It gets DEEP at 5:14!!

THIS is why I never lost respect for Hammer.. he’s like that embarrassing uncle that you hate having to be with in public.. but thats the OG uncle Stanley Hammer!


Town Sick

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I moved to Los Angeles from Oakland seven months ago, and ever since I left, my home city has been experiencing one tragedy after the next.
First, the economy crashed and while our nation was coming to terms with being in a recession, my thoughts were with those in Oakland who have always been struggling.
Then on New Year’s Day, 22-year-old Oscar Grant III was shot in the back…lying face down by a BART Transit policeman, in front of a crowd of people. Bystander videos of the murder inspired rioting and protests against police brutality, unhealing a wound within the community that’s been oozing for decades. Then, last weekend before the city could catch its breath, a wanted parolee, killed four Oakland Police officers. The city is having worse luck than
Growing up as a black man in Oakland, I always felt vulnerable to thugs like police killer Lovelle Mixon, and to police officers like former transit cop Johannes Mehserle. Mixon preyed on Oakland residents before he killed four officers sworn to protect and defend, and Mehserle was one of those protect and defend guys who unprovoked, shot an unarmed black man. For me the tension of being caught between such forces, always caused uneasiness in my stomach, even just walking down the street.
As new information comes out about the gunman, like him being a child rapist, I cannot sympathize with this character or feel sorry for his fate. I’m really upset because he is an example of how the heinous actions of one are applied to a whole group of people. This cop-killer has made things much worse for the common black man walking the streets, and it was already pretty hard.
I was walking down the street after work one night and was greeted by an officer this way: “Are you on parole or probation or carrying any concealed weapons?” I told him about my grocery store standard issue box cutter and he laughed at me and granted me permission to go home. That was my introduction to someone hired to serve and protect my community and enforce the law. It made me feel less than human, and definitely less than American.
Even in my short time spent in LA, I’ve been pulled over on foot for “fitting the description” of a suspect.
Just Like Police are suspicious to see if the common black man is thugging, thugs are paranoid that the common black man might be the undercover police, or a “snitch.” Snitch means someone who is a paid informant or a criminal who testifies against another criminal for less time. The word, however, has been interpreted in several communities to mean anyone who dials 911 for any reason. Anyone whose dialed 911 and called police over to anywhere would be considered a snitch to a lot of people. Who wants to face that castration within their own community? Especially when calling police over usually results in you being scrutinized and searched.

My mother told me that even though she misses me, she’s glad I’m away, because she feels it isn’t safe. I’ll be alright, I just won’t pack that hoodie.

Statement From Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums on Mehserle Bail

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Tonight in Oakland, Police arrested 9 people during a protest. Zero injuries reported, and one car was damaged. Below is a statement from Mayor Ron Dellums about accused murderer Johanes Mehserle below sent to King Anyi’s email.

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FlashBarack! Uncommon Campaign Stop!

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King Anyi

I remember when then-Senator Barack Obama was on a campaign trail and brought his bus to my hometown, Oakland, of all places!  Here is the piece I put together of his visit to this often overlooked California city.


That was almost 2 years ago, when now Vice-President, Joe Biden, was running against  the current U.S. President, along with Hilary Clinton, among others. 


What a journey! Going from This:


to THIS!


While Oakland has been historically known as a politically active city,  It doesn’t get much love around campign/election time.  Lately Oakland has been in the news a lot duue to the unjustified and unlawful killing of Oscar Grant III by Police in Oakland (BART Transit Police), which was captured on tape.  

Here’s the video of the disturbing BART incident. Viewer Discretion is advised.


I look forward to seeing how our new President will combat issues that effect Oakland, and countless other cities, such as racial profiling and discrimination.
When someone commits a crime, chances are, they’ve gotten away with it before.
For every crime that reported, there are at least two or three crimes that go unnoticed and unpunished. Just a thought.

Bay Classics!

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Too new to be old, too old to be new!

What do you know about these Oakland, Ca classics??


3x Krazy

Too Short


Bay Slap!

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Brand new!
Game Brothas ft. San Quinn, Kaz Kuzah, and Big Rich- I Get It

Sum mo new!

San Quinn and Keak Da Sneak

Old new!


Clyde Carson- Hood Stomped Out

Old school!

Rappin 4-Tay- Player’s Club


Oakland Riots: Aftermath

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We’d like to start with a sidenote bofore we get into the Oakland Riot and it’s aftermath; Aftermath is Back!
Eminem ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent -Crack A Bottle

Bottles were mos def getting cracked in downtown Oakland Wednesday 01/07/09 when citizen’s rioted in protest of BART police killing Oscar Grant III, an unarmed man lying face down.
It wasn’t enough to just arrest him.. Damn.

Well here’s how the people reacted!

More unrest AND the Ghetto Bird!

This guy chronichles his journey thru the Town
Pt. 1
Pt. 2

Davey D ( ) goes in on mayor Ron Dellums and the whole situation!

The last riot in Oakland was 2002, out of celebration of the Raiders AFC Division victory.

Our folks at Streets is Talkin Radio,’ Leon, aka D Nastee, had the commentary for NPR! peep why he stated home!

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