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Happy Veterans Day to ALL

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Happy Veterans Day!.. Today tell a vet you appreciate their service.  I would like to thank all military personnel for their service of our country! I would also like to shout out all the OG’s and hood veterans serving the block, as well as the souldiers of the turf holding it down.  HUGE shouts out to all the veteran comedians killing, bombing, and jumping on grenades for our entertainment!

Now watch this video of Fat Ass Rick Ross shirtless with 1,000,000 tattoos!  Its called VETERANS DAY!

AND.. watch GHETTO SOLDIERS Continue reading


King Anyi on DJ Backside Live!

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Join King Anyi as he joins the DJ Backside show live! At 9pm PST at

Music, News, Interviews… It goes down live across the Globe!

or join in the live action at

in the ‘Yay Files’ King Anyi will discuss Grammys, Plaxico Burress, Automakers Bailout, Harvard Medical Study, Real Chance at Love results

NY Giants Suspend ‘Cheddar’ Plaxico Burress

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The New York Giants officially suspended Super Bowl Champion Plaxico Burress (below) for being a glutton of punishment.

Plaxico has a laundry list of Problems!
Let’s review:
-He shoots himself
-In front of people at the club
-Arrested on Gun Charges
-Suspended from the Giants

… Just cancel Christmas for that guy!

Not only that… There’s no way he’s going to make it on Madden ’10
… You gotta create his player from scratch! This picture should help!

Now maybe he should try rap! Lil Wayne shot himself in the mirror and look at him now!

Don’t look too long or you’ll turn to stone!

… But seriously, I Blame rap! Rappers rap bout guns and “The Club” all day!.. If cats would rap about the Gun Club… Burress wouldn’t have these issues!

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Swagger R.I.P.

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When P.Diddy started saying swagger on his MTV show Making the Band 2 (the one with the rappers), the word instantly started to catch like a virus. Fast Forward to today, it’s a damn epidemic! Swagger, a word to describe one’s general M.O., of “get down move and shake,” has infected legions of leming-like bandwagoneers in Hip-Hop. After this, I hope we will let swagger join the ranks of it’s predecessors, Steelo, Steeze, and Flava!


Cam’ron accused Jay-Z of Swagger theft!

Soulja Boi Tellem “Turns his Swag On” for you. ( Soulja please don’t hurt ’em!)

And if THAT didn’t make you want to bury swagger… This should!


I’m trying to bring back “Steelo” and his little brother “Steeze!”

Question: if Flava Flav were a new artist today, would his name be Swagga Swag?

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Self Explanitory… LMAO

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Facial Face with Birdman Jr.

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I heard MTV Cribs is doing a three-part special with Lil Wayne. Instead of showing you around his pad,the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” will be taking the show on a tour of his tattoos!


Saying Lil Wayne has a few tattoos on his face is like saying there are a few Mexicans in California.

Lil Wayne tatted over all the black skin on his body. He can check the “other” ethnicity box on surveys. Bruh Bruh is Inkan-American!

Fools be addicted to tatts! What are they putting in that ink, promethazyne!?

Skinny Jeans

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Im at a funny age right now… Im too young to be wearing linen short sets with the sandals. And Im too old to be walking around with Skinny jeans on.

Today Skinny Jeans are in, but I remember when it was bad to walk around in “Wrangler Nut Stranglers” Nowadays pants are so tight, Im amazed fools can even impregnate women! I figure the sperm-count has been cut-off. I see fools with small ass jeans and I ask myself, “Did they paint those on him?… and is that blood I see rushing to this guys vans?”

Sagging is ridiculous too when your pants fall below the thigh level, However I do prefer my nuts in a loose bag, rather than a tight package. I noticed that some people are deciding to wear skinny jeans and SAG IN THEM! This is hilarious because it really does look like someone actually shit themselves! Baggy jeans should sag a little. Skinny Jeans should sag never.

Rappers have made it okay to wear small clothing. I see Jim Jones and Lil Wayne rockin’ the skinny jeans and I figure its a form of birth control. Shit I saw Kanye West with some red skinny jeans and a big ole scarf around his neck and I thought, Is this a rap concert or a Shakespeare play!? Are people wearing the Shakespeare denims because they really feel it represents their style, or are they just hopping on the band wagon.

My resistance to the whole Shakespeare Demin thing isn’t only a fashion issue, it’s a function issue. I am 6’6″.. They dont make skinny jeans for me.. only skinny floods.. and that just doesn’t go not now not never. I don’t care what rapper decides to rockthe floods, it will never take. Really I can only excuse skinny jeans if they are worn by people on skateboards. It’s for their comfort, I guess. But outside of that, if you are wearing skinny jeans and you werent wearing them a year ago, you are a follower and you should take a good look at other ways you are allowing yourself to be controlled by media imagery… that is if blood is allowed to flow to your brain with those small ass jeans on!

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