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Hood Philanthropy pt.1

Posted in Comedian Life, Life.. in General!, Music, Observations, The GRIND! with tags , , , , on January 27, 2011 by kinganyi

It’s so hilarious when I see fools I know or have seen around the entertainment circuit on TV.. THIS rappin ass dude, Evan Wreck’n I used to see ALL the time at the Music Box I hosted at the Palm’s Bar on Santa Monica in West Hollywood. This cat has burned me down and liquored me up on several occasions.. so I won’t say TOO MUCH about bruh… but LOL.. the footage and rap he spits says it all!.. I’m over here dyin’
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Mr. Nice Guy

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A lady that I grew up knowing all my life, Mrs. Ada Crews (RIP), had a motto: “Nice always wins.” I would probably agree except I’ve noticed that when I’m nice, folks tend to overstep boundaries, which upsets me and makes me act like an asshole just so I can soothe my spirit. Does this make me an asshole by nature? Why do I have to TRY to be nice, or TRY to not be an asshole? Is assholistic my default setting? probably. I may not be the biggest asshole, but I’m probably ASSHOLIER than thou. Which feels pretty nice.

Myspace is Still Cracking??

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A lot of people are forward thinking digital playas on the cutting edge of the latest social networks and all that type of bullshit who have given up all the way on myspace.  You remember myspace?  The site that let your own name be one million characters and sentences if you wanted it to be.  It was where females with profile pictures featuring nothing but booty hooked up with guys wearing assault rifles and tattoos while standing next to a pile of drugs and/or money.  Then, all of a sudden, It became played out. People went to facebook.  People left to twitter. People stopped giving a damn about bulletins.  Well… Almost everybody.  I got an interesting request on my myspace (because I really like booty profile pictures) very recently that made me evaluate how played out myspace actually is. Continue reading

Shows Up!

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Today is a Show DAY for ya folks, King Anyi.  First up.. in less than an hour, I’ll be hosting HEAR IN THE CITY with Sara Harris on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles.  It’s dope to be a part of a radio show on an ACTUAL station, after so many years and months contributing to other shows, funny-style orgnizations, and janky online internet stations.  This show is about Radio Realities from the Urban Landscape that is Los Angeles.  It’s our fourth show and you can check out the stories on Hear In The City‘s website!..

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The Show on the Road Must Go On

Posted in Life.. in General! with tags , , , , on October 3, 2010 by kinganyi

Last night was my first road gig in 4-5 months! Out in Perris, Ca (Riverside County) at the Masonic lodge. I won’t talk about how strange it felt to be performing in the worship center of The premiere secret society of secret societies. I will say the show almost didn’t go on. Continue reading

Flight Mode! LAX to Memphis

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I’m in flight mode!..
I’m travelling from LAX to NC to host the Clash of the Legends Step Show at Bennett College for Women in Greensboro. Seeing this bin reminded me I forgot to pack toothpaste!

Right now I’m layed over in Memphis, TN… I hate layovers! So what if I got to catch a beautiful Memphis sunrise..

(btw I violated FCC regulations and landing proceedures to get that shot- Youre Welcome!)

I really hate flying!.. I’m 6’6″!! Every flight I’m on I feel like a stowaway!.. Have you ever tried to adjust your
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Back in the Game

Posted in Fiesta, Life.. in General!, Observations, Relationships, Sports with tags , , , , , , , , on March 18, 2010 by kinganyi

I’ve been living long enough to be suspicious of females I meet in nightclub settings.  9 times out of 10 they shake their ass for you before they shake your hand.  I have lived in LA long enough to be more than suspicious of a female I meet in a Hollywood nightclub.  I don’t exepect anything substantial or sustainable with Those.. Like produce on the shelves at Ralph’s on Slauson and Crenshaw.

I did, however, come across this female from Houston who is new LA.. Like WEEKS new.. So idk if the spirit of the city has swept her away.  I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because
A) she’s from the Texas
B) I met her at a reggae spot (Reggae on Sunset)- Which is way less phony than a regular night club
C) she’s finer than the legal print on my cell phone contract

And she wants to kick it with me so why not let her?

But im wondering if she’s sees something in me thats not there.. Like Good Credit..
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