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Don’t Play With THAT HAMMER!

Posted in Music with tags , , , on November 2, 2010 by kinganyi

Many have taken cheap shots at MC Hammer since he fell from grace as the rap sensation who went bankrupt, losing $30 million back in the 90’s.  It seems that the Oakland, Ca MC has had about enough and lashed out at Jay-Z for taking a shot at him in a Kanye West track, I’m so Appalled.”  Jay-Z is known for ending careers and blackballing individuals.. But I wonder if his powers will be useless against a dope MC who actually has NO career right now.  Check Hammer’s video “Better Run Run” where he proceeds to HOO RIDE Jigga!

hear Jay-Z’s pot shot at Hammer…

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Ain’t No Telin’ Bout Ellen

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My lil brother thought he was sick.. he’s been listening to a lot of Lil B rap songs! This dude from Berkeley, Ca who raps with the Wolf Pack and is now a sensation in rap among some. The boy does know how to stir up controversy! He compares himself to “pretty Bitches” “princesses” and Ellen Degeneres. He recently said on Twitter that if Kanye West doesn’t collab with him he would, in so many words, rape him. He’d be great for the ELLIN SHOW

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Tuesday Tune up!

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Kid Cudi Erase ME ft. Kanye West

OKAY!.. I’m gonna start a Tuning you up on Tuesdays if you you don’t mind.  I’ll post a couple brand new videos, A brand new song and a classic Jam.

I like that Kid Cudi FINALLY put out the video for Erase Me ft. Kanye West.. The Shit is thoroughly fresh!

My favorite line of the song “knowin someone U love don’t feel the same way about U, memories they soon delete” … Ain’t never lied!

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King Anyi on DJ Backside Live!

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Join King Anyi as he joins the DJ Backside show live! At 9pm PST at

Music, News, Interviews… It goes down live across the Globe!

or join in the live action at

in the ‘Yay Files’ King Anyi will discuss Grammys, Plaxico Burress, Automakers Bailout, Harvard Medical Study, Real Chance at Love results

Swagger R.I.P.

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When P.Diddy started saying swagger on his MTV show Making the Band 2 (the one with the rappers), the word instantly started to catch like a virus. Fast Forward to today, it’s a damn epidemic! Swagger, a word to describe one’s general M.O., of “get down move and shake,” has infected legions of leming-like bandwagoneers in Hip-Hop. After this, I hope we will let swagger join the ranks of it’s predecessors, Steelo, Steeze, and Flava!


Cam’ron accused Jay-Z of Swagger theft!

Soulja Boi Tellem “Turns his Swag On” for you. ( Soulja please don’t hurt ’em!)

And if THAT didn’t make you want to bury swagger… This should!


I’m trying to bring back “Steelo” and his little brother “Steeze!”

Question: if Flava Flav were a new artist today, would his name be Swagga Swag?

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Suge and Kanye, Luda and Teddy

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Every one has asked themselves this question at least once in their life. Are you afraid of Suge Knight? My answer was no. That was when I just knew Suge the Intimidator. I didn’t fear that guy more than any other man. But now I’ve noticed another side to Suge… The Victim… I’ll just avoid that guy altogether..

I mean sure Suge the Intimidator will knock you out and steal your masters, but Suge the Victim will get knocked out at a party and sue everyone in view of the incident…

Case in point: this happened to Suge in Miami at a pre-MTV VMA party

Since this 2005 party, in which Suge got shot AND Lost an ear ring valued at over $100k, was being thrown by Kanye West, Marion “Sugar Bear” Knight decided today to sue the chest hair off the dude..

I’m not too excited to hear Kanyievel sing his entire upcoming release “808s and Heartbreak,” but I don’t wanna sue him!… I’d probably rather be knocked out and my masters took!


Ludacris and T-Pain are releasing singles featuring eachother… I approve.

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Skinny Jeans

Posted in Fashion, Observations with tags , , , , , , , on October 30, 2008 by kinganyi

Im at a funny age right now… Im too young to be wearing linen short sets with the sandals. And Im too old to be walking around with Skinny jeans on.

Today Skinny Jeans are in, but I remember when it was bad to walk around in “Wrangler Nut Stranglers” Nowadays pants are so tight, Im amazed fools can even impregnate women! I figure the sperm-count has been cut-off. I see fools with small ass jeans and I ask myself, “Did they paint those on him?… and is that blood I see rushing to this guys vans?”

Sagging is ridiculous too when your pants fall below the thigh level, However I do prefer my nuts in a loose bag, rather than a tight package. I noticed that some people are deciding to wear skinny jeans and SAG IN THEM! This is hilarious because it really does look like someone actually shit themselves! Baggy jeans should sag a little. Skinny Jeans should sag never.

Rappers have made it okay to wear small clothing. I see Jim Jones and Lil Wayne rockin’ the skinny jeans and I figure its a form of birth control. Shit I saw Kanye West with some red skinny jeans and a big ole scarf around his neck and I thought, Is this a rap concert or a Shakespeare play!? Are people wearing the Shakespeare denims because they really feel it represents their style, or are they just hopping on the band wagon.

My resistance to the whole Shakespeare Demin thing isn’t only a fashion issue, it’s a function issue. I am 6’6″.. They dont make skinny jeans for me.. only skinny floods.. and that just doesn’t go not now not never. I don’t care what rapper decides to rockthe floods, it will never take. Really I can only excuse skinny jeans if they are worn by people on skateboards. It’s for their comfort, I guess. But outside of that, if you are wearing skinny jeans and you werent wearing them a year ago, you are a follower and you should take a good look at other ways you are allowing yourself to be controlled by media imagery… that is if blood is allowed to flow to your brain with those small ass jeans on!

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