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Vegetative State of the Black Union?

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Tavis Smiley’s 10th annual “State of the Black Union” in Los Angeles took place today and there were a number of speakers who had a lot to say about Barack Obama and the state of Black people as a whole.
#sobu2009 was the number seven most searched trend on Twitter today, meaning folks were tuned in and interested in the state of black people in America.
I tweeted on the stream #sotbu09 , so I could keep track of MY tweets. You can check that at

Among my favorite quotes:
Danny Bakewell, Sr.
“We shouldn’t raise Obama to a sanctified position, we elected a leader, not a savior”
“It’s not that he’s doing a lot that’s different, he’s just taking it up a notch. For example, normally, a black leader before he speaks will emphasize the importance of the Black Woman. Barack didn’t do this, he SHOWED you his affection for his wife, Michelle, [solidifying the Black woman as the greatest global treasure].”
Rev.Al Sharpton
“We don’t have Dem or Rep in our DNA, we support those parties that support us”
Deregulation of business and media… Reps rally support around denouncing a cartoon, but supports the ‘media mafia’ that makes an [ignorant] cartoon expendible
Dr. Cornel West
“For us the condition of truth is to let the suffering voices emerge”
Age of Obama is magnificent, but we have to talk about the Age of Reagan, it was the Backdrop… I know [Reps} have changed since then, but we have to talk about it
Michael Steele
My first outreach was to welcome [Obama].. because we had one thing in common: we are Black men in influential positions
Dr. Julianne Malveaux
How did we get here? Its called greed, Tavis. You had peole trying 2nd mortgages, 3rd mortgages. But we believed the hype!
“The Unemployment rate was 7.6% in Jan [2009]. For Americans that have work, but part-time[, and are “stuck”]7.6, turns to 15.9%, for African Americans, that turns to 20%
“The first thing we looked at wasn’t a stimulus, but a bailout!”
“Why did we ever have affirmative action?- because there was exclusion”
“If it’s not about Affirmative Action Adequately fund higher education so students don’t come out with thousands of dollars of debt, and no opportunities”
“If you can finance a car for 0% interest, why no a college education”
“Couldn’t Bank of America shave off $1 bil. To save the food stamp program [which is almost bankrupt]”
Randal Robinson
“When you watch American news You get controlled news, when you watch outside news, you learn what we aren’t doing”

“Bush, with the help of Rice and Powell went into Haiti to send forces to kidnap the president of Haiti and his wife”
“I played basketball in college; I ran up and down a court and thought it was important”
“We cant go around the world overthrowing democracies we don’t like, just because they don’t like us”
“Lincoln didn’t start the movement [to free slaves], Toussaint L’Overture did. And Haiti has been paying for it since the 1800’s”
Write your congressperson and two Senators about cocaine sentencing reform

I spoke with a lot of folks, but here’s my interview with GOP chairman, brother Michael Steele


Barackonomics: Banking on Obama’s Brand

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King Anyi

If you were in DC and you couldn’t find an Obama vendor, you were probably under a rock… And chances are, it was a 44th presidential commemorative rock! Seriously, I saw Obama’s face on EVERYTHING from apparell to trinkets to artwork.. But when I saw someone pushing ‘Obama Hot Sauce’ I lost it! They are pimping this man’s image! I spoke to economist/author/activist and president of Bennett College for Women, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, about this ‘Baraxploitation’.



What’s next??

Honey Nut CheeriObamas??

Barackourvoisier Cognac Brandy??

Barackondoms.. I hrard they actually exist… To prevent that 44th Presidential Commemorative Baby!


Anyway I saw this ish too and damn near lost my lunch:

I better not see this ish in real life!


Congress Posts Bail for Auto Industry

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Reuters is reported today that the White House urged Republicans in the Senate on Thursday to back a $14 billion bill to bail out the U.S. auto industry — but a rescue seemed dead unless all sides could agree on an elusive alternative.  Experts say the auto industry need $125 billion to protect the market from crashing.  Detroit’s Big Three automakers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) are asking for $34 billion and Congress drafted legislation to provide $15 billion.  Sounds less like a BAILOUT and more like a BAIL BOND.. are we also putting up the White House Note?.. idk…

Really, I’m not alone when I say I don’t understand everything that is going on with the auto industry and why they need my money, so  The Bliznog caught up with Dr. Julianne Malveaux, President of Bennett College for Women, economist.



Bliznog: Explain what has just happened recently with Congress and the auto industry “bail bond”

Dr. Julianne Malveaux:  What has happened with the bailout legislation is that the House of Representatives has come up with draft legislation that would provide up to $15 billion in loans to GM and Chrysler.  Ford says they don’t need the money just yet.  But it is not a done deal yet.  It has to get approval from the Senate and there are likely to be negotiations around this.  Democrats have only 50 votes in the Senate (Republicans have 49, and there is a vacancy because Obama has resigned), and this legislation will need 60 votes to pass.  Congress has been backed into a corner with the auto bailout because the failure of these key industries in a recession will deepen the recession — more job loss, fewer dollars circulating.  So they have to do something.

B: How catastophic would an Auto industry crash (pun?) be to our economy? Besides massive jobloss, what are the residual affects of such a crash?

M: A crash in the auto industry would reverberate throughout the economy.  It would impact a series of ancillary industries, including advertising, feeder manufacturing, and others.  

B: How could the Big Three have prevented an almost inevitable crash?

M: The Big Three set themselves up.  They have produced inefficient automobiles; they have produced way too many lines, which are indistinguishable and confusing.  They have failed to embrace fuel efficiency.  They’ve overpriced the ir cars.  When people start buying cars on 5 year notes, that’s a problem.  The Big 3 have failed to move with the times, and their bottom line is a result of their own inefficiency.

B: What % are you sure a bailout would save the Automakers?

M: I am not sure that this bailout will save, which is why Congress wants to appoint someone with oversight authority to ensure that the auto industry restructures for more efficiency.  The current legislation says the auto “czar” will serve at least through March, 2009.  I hope Obama has some input into who this is — otherwise someone with Bush priorities may not work in tandem with the Obama economic team.

B: Who will be next to ask for a bailout? Education? Retail? Transportation? Pharmaceutical/Health?
M: Who is next?  I would love it if HBCUs could get a fraction of the help these industries get.  A series of equity questions are raised by the bailout of the auto industry.  Why auto and not the airlines, why not public education.  These are extremely legitimate questions to raise.
B: Thank you for your time!
M: Sure, Let me now if you need more.
for more on Dr. Julianne Malveaux, visit
If  insurance for my automobile is mandatory, just in case I crash… Then why doesn’t the automobile industry rely on the insurance industry to keep it from crashing!?
Silly question.
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