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MC Humor!

Posted in Music with tags , , on November 5, 2010 by kinganyi

Hey this spoof of the MC HAMMER “Better Run run”  Jay-Z diss is HELLArious!


Hammer Please Don’t (pt.3 of the Saga)

Posted in Music, news, Observations with tags , , , on November 4, 2010 by kinganyi

So Hammer isn’t backing down, even though Jigga says it wasn’t an intentional diss.  But I must hand it to Hammer, he is definitely the opposite of a buster!.. The man CALLS A BROOKLYN radio station and handles these questions.  It gets DEEP at 5:14!!

THIS is why I never lost respect for Hammer.. he’s like that embarrassing uncle that you hate having to be with in public.. but thats the OG uncle Stanley Hammer!

Not Hitting The Hammer on the Nail

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When Jay-Z made light of Hammer’s decade plus old bankruptcy, he pobably wasn’t counting on the Oakland MC responding with such vigor. In a recent interview Jay-Z basically says it was a misunderstanding an he didn’t mean to hurt Hammer (who usually does the hurting and people have to ask him HAMMER PLEASE DONT HURT ‘EM).

Jigga is right about one point:
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Don’t Play With THAT HAMMER!

Posted in Music with tags , , , on November 2, 2010 by kinganyi

Many have taken cheap shots at MC Hammer since he fell from grace as the rap sensation who went bankrupt, losing $30 million back in the 90’s.  It seems that the Oakland, Ca MC has had about enough and lashed out at Jay-Z for taking a shot at him in a Kanye West track, I’m so Appalled.”  Jay-Z is known for ending careers and blackballing individuals.. But I wonder if his powers will be useless against a dope MC who actually has NO career right now.  Check Hammer’s video “Better Run Run” where he proceeds to HOO RIDE Jigga!

hear Jay-Z’s pot shot at Hammer…

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Black Republican heads GOP

Posted in news, Observations, Politics with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 31, 2009 by kinganyi

Republicans elected Michael Steele chairman of the GOP. Steele, 50, is the first black man to hold this position. Republicans are hoping the skilled speaker will bring life to the crippled party. SEGWAY!


Day late and a dollar short!?

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Swagger R.I.P.

Posted in Music, Observations with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on December 3, 2008 by kinganyi

When P.Diddy started saying swagger on his MTV show Making the Band 2 (the one with the rappers), the word instantly started to catch like a virus. Fast Forward to today, it’s a damn epidemic! Swagger, a word to describe one’s general M.O., of “get down move and shake,” has infected legions of leming-like bandwagoneers in Hip-Hop. After this, I hope we will let swagger join the ranks of it’s predecessors, Steelo, Steeze, and Flava!


Cam’ron accused Jay-Z of Swagger theft!

Soulja Boi Tellem “Turns his Swag On” for you. ( Soulja please don’t hurt ’em!)

And if THAT didn’t make you want to bury swagger… This should!


I’m trying to bring back “Steelo” and his little brother “Steeze!”

Question: if Flava Flav were a new artist today, would his name be Swagga Swag?

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ObamaMan II

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Obamaman beat Jay-Z in a rap battle and launched Barack-A-Fella Records. His first single “Change Whips” off his debut album “OBAMAMAN: Audacity to Stunt” was the number ringtone, as well as top seller on iTunes. Since his sales proceeds were to going to his campaign, he recieved all funds generated from his 15 million first-month sales. His Album was certified 150 ct. Diamond.

AND he Punched Out Mike Tyson!

This week:

The Rev. Messy Jesse is furious after ObamaMan steals his appointment at the barbershop. Rev. Messy vows vengeance against our light-skinded hero, swearing to “Cut his BALLS OFF!”

** Later that night across the country…

ObamaMan bests President George W. Bush in a Jim Beam drinking match. He immediately retreated to his Tour Bus of Solitude and headed north where Sarah Palin is reportedly holding delegates captive!

Join us next time for the Alaskan Showdown on….


Only on King Anyi’s Bliznog!

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