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For Whom The Patti LaBelle Tolls

Posted in Music, Observations with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 25, 2009 by kinganyi

Kanye “footmouth” West recently said he considered Beyonce to be the “greatest singer… Greater than Tina Turner!” Somebody obviously is putting drugs in his vocoder because Patti LaBelle still reigns diva supreme! The fact that he considered Tina Turner as the vocalist to beat (just forgot all about Aretha) is proof that not only are his jeans too tight, his barber doesn’t like him and snipped a few braincells off the top of his incomplete haircut!

LMAO.. But we digress…

Today, the Bliznog, if no one else will, salutes Patti LaBelle… This classic was the feature song on the “Beverly Hills Cop” Soundtrack, and is inspiration for getting the eff up out the house on a Friday night!

What would be great is if Bey and LaBelle had a duet, so we can witness the vocal beatdown!.. It happened to Gladys!

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Slappers For Your Weekend

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The Bliznog gathered up some jams for your weekend! Your Welcome.

Kardinal Official – Set it Off remix ft. The Clipse and Dr. Dre

When’s the last time you heard dre rap on something?.. 2002? No 2001..?

Jamie Foxx – Blame It ft. T-Pain

Nice and hypo

Ciara – Keep Dancing ft. The Dream

Can’t end on a slow note..

Yung Joc – Real Hard