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Hollywood Hangover

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I don’t remember much from last night’s Hollywood adventure, but what I do remember was quite memorable.

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Shows Up!

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Today is a Show DAY for ya folks, King Anyi.  First up.. in less than an hour, I’ll be hosting HEAR IN THE CITY with Sara Harris on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles.  It’s dope to be a part of a radio show on an ACTUAL station, after so many years and months contributing to other shows, funny-style orgnizations, and janky online internet stations.  This show is about Radio Realities from the Urban Landscape that is Los Angeles.  It’s our fourth show and you can check out the stories on Hear In The City‘s website!..

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Back in the Game

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I’ve been living long enough to be suspicious of females I meet in nightclub settings.  9 times out of 10 they shake their ass for you before they shake your hand.  I have lived in LA long enough to be more than suspicious of a female I meet in a Hollywood nightclub.  I don’t exepect anything substantial or sustainable with Those.. Like produce on the shelves at Ralph’s on Slauson and Crenshaw.

I did, however, come across this female from Houston who is new LA.. Like WEEKS new.. So idk if the spirit of the city has swept her away.  I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because
A) she’s from the Texas
B) I met her at a reggae spot (Reggae on Sunset)- Which is way less phony than a regular night club
C) she’s finer than the legal print on my cell phone contract

And she wants to kick it with me so why not let her?

But im wondering if she’s sees something in me thats not there.. Like Good Credit..
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feeling XXS at LRG party

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Since I didn’t get any of that free ish they were talking about.. I say the party was craptastic. Oh AND it ended in violence.. But I did meet a little sweetie pie as chaos ensued.. (listen to the gal all concerned for the other gal. U.N.I.T.Y.)

Later that night… Some girls were going DUMB in the streets of Hollywood.. I thought they might have been from the Bay Area the way they were Gigging on the pavement..

btw.. I would have hollered at those Feemales, but they were about to get pulled over.. If you happen to be one of these females.. holler and tell me if the officer let you off the hook!

Even though the club was a bust- the night was an Overall Thrill!

King Anyi, where art thou!?

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I’ve been on a hiatus from the Bliznog so I can have a few adventures!.. Good thing I did too, because I’ve got big news coming up in the next few weeks for my folks so stay tuned!.. Dogs these photos!.. This one above is Me, gigging at the Trackademiks show @ Cinespace in Hollywood 11/18/2008

This is Trackademiks ( ) getting down with 1 OAK, and DJ Tap 10!

This is a resturaunt by my LA crib called YEE’s.. It reminds me of all my bay folks… So much so, I added it to my Facebook and tagged my favorite folks… As if to say Yee!… A few of my folks didn’t appreciate it… Next round of shouts I do, I’ll remember to forget them

This here is a ceramic sculpture called “”Freaky Deaky” by Colin Christian… I saw this at an open bar/ art show with a bozo theme. This was the best piece and it sold for $8,000… iPhone picture: priceless!

I’ve got great thangs jumpin off… Stay tuned!

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