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Strong Hip-Hop Week

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This past week was Strong, in terms of Hip Hop, and what I saw out there in the world… It all Started Thursday (Feb 26th) in SF at Mighty, for Scion’s “Beatbox” special event, featuring working boombox sculptures!.. Peep!

I was super juiced to see this, If you couldn’t tell!

Then I bounced back to LA and caught the Dead Prez show @ the Key Club (Friday 27th). Them Bruvvas was ill.. they brought out they Fam, Essential MC, who dropped some Spoken Science.. peep!

Then of course Dead Prez hittem in the head with “Hip-Hop!” M1’s opening line is stuck in my head: “MothaF****n Fake, fake records, records!” (bwahahaha).. *Caution: Bass Heavy!*

Then Sunday (March 1) I went to a club LAX, where fools were breakdancing to Daft Punk.. It was impeding on my club grindery, so I wasn’t feelin it… until I peeped the footage.. then it was just aight.. I still hate when dancers effin take up the floor and inhibit the grindery.. wamp wamp!

Then Tuesday I was out and about and saw Snoop Dogg’s, Uncle Junebug outside of a Snoop performance, where I asked him about the economy, wall street, and Chrihanna. his replies were so high-larious, I had to bouce out on him just to watch the tape and LMMFBAO!

Then I went to Dim Mak Tuesdays (March 3rd) @ Cinespace, where there was a masked DJ, who I believed was Will.I.Am (yea I heard he’s like a phantom DJ too!) I asked Apl.De.Ap, also of Black Eyed Peas, about this, to which he couldn’t confirm nor deny (which to me is enough to say yes ;-p).. but I also ask him about Taboo being cast as VEGA in the new Street Fighter movie “The Legend of Chun-Li”

Damn.. Im hip hopped out.. I better listen to some Weezer, or Weezy!
( )
I did wish I caught the Game Brothas in San Diego tho this past week.. THIS looked crackin!.. these cats are major-league slept on right now!

Enjoy! And ya don’t stop!


Nameless 90’s Singers

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If Cassie, Ciara, or Britney Spears were singers in the 90’s, they would be lost forever on tracks like this:
You know the group, and the song… But who is the singer??
… When Dr. Dre called on Snoop to diss Eazy E and Luke on “Dre Day”, he also hired a singer, who will forever remain nameless:

and who sung this??

… Oh yea, Tasha!… If she never sang her name you wouldn’t even know who the he’ll it was!


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Free Gucci!

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Gucci Mane may be behind bars, but his name is ringing like a mother!.. The Bliznog will be bumpin this these Gucci tracks until they spring cuzzo from the bing.

Gucci Mane ft Soulja Boi- Get Em, Got Em

I know Soulja Boi tried… SMH
Moving along…

Gucci Mane ft. Nelly and R. Kelly- U Cud Getit

I know Gucci just hypes the track.. But he hyped the hell out that mother!

Moving along to the piece du whatever.. Gucci and Slim over C-Murder’s “For My N****s” beat.. New classic!

Gucci Mane ft Slim (of 112)- U Want


Why does a prison sentence equal platinum sales?

Will Lil Wayne go to prison? If so, will it help or stall his movement?

How long will it take before prisons adopt a music program to keep inmates focused on making hot beats and laying hot tracks?? You can already get a Phd. behind bars(not just the ‘player hater one), just sayin??

Which was the silliest question of the three?( or 4 if THIS question was silly)

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