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Twit Picks!

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These are My top twits of the day!


@DJBackside: Live tonight at 9pm with Dem Hoodstarz.. join us!( ) Fun times! Fun Times!


… Dem Hoodstarz Catted (meaning FAKED.. but Like a big cat.. a Jaguar), but King Anyi was in the house!.. twit djbackside



@dcagle :Ha! This Cartoon Made Me Laugh!

… it made me laugh too.. LMMFAO .. figure it out..

@djvlad : X-MEN “ORIGINS” WOLVERINE HI DEF Trailer (2009) !!!! SICK.: X..

I was waiting for this Trailersaucy!


@enajade : @djbackside made me join this!

…Well welcome dagnabbit!

Twittle Dee Dooit!





Random News! Dowries, Ankle Beepers, Whopper Jr. Burglars

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An Egyptian man, Saad Gamaa, offered his daughter, Amal Saad Gamaa, to Iraqi Journalist/Shoe Chucker, Muntazer al-Zaidi, in marriage. Not only does the daughter not protest, she’s TOO thrilled! She sees it as a great honor to be offered to such a hero. al-Zaidi’s response was not immediately clear. The Bliznog says “Ride the Momentum!”

First comes the wife deal..
Then the shoe deal…
Then the book deal…
Then the Record deal!…
Whopper Jr. Burglar

In Beaumont, Texas, a 4 year old broke OUT if his house, and IN to a discount store to play with the toys. The door was unlocked, so the boy just walked right in, tripping the silent alarm. When police arrived, the boy was showing off his cool toys! Charges have yet to be filed. Here’s the Store Manager:

Store Manager (on phone): “Yea, I locked up last night.”
“A Break in!”
“Ill clean my desk right away”
Ankle Beeper for Bernie!

Bernard Madoff, alleged swindler of $50 billion in Wall Street Investor fraud, was ordered under house arrest today. But if you’ve got $50 billion, they only make you pay 10% in restitution.. IF you go on probation, otherwise, you keep the dough! $2 billion could build you a super mall around your house! $5 billion can buy yourself an Island! Giving up 10% of $50 bil. would leave you with $45 billion…. Don’t try to tell us crime doesn’t pay. It’s all in the color of your collar!

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Dubya: “Shoe in” for ‘World’s Most Hated’

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The brother of an Iraqi reporter has become a local folk hero for his ‘courageous’ attempt to beam soon-to-be former US President George W. Bush. Peep the video if u haven’t seen it a zillion times
He should have known he wouldn’t be able to tag the president. Dodgeball was the only subject Dubya excelled in.!

Oliver Stone probably wishes this happened while he was writing his biopic, “W.,” based on Bush’s life.

We at the Bliznog find the shoe hurler’s actions disrespectful and inexcusable! We also believe he should apologize immediately… To his shoes!

I pulled this toon off of hilarious! Add them on twitter @dcagle

It’s no secret that Bush doesn’t care about black people, as made clear by Kanye West during the height of Hurricane Katrina. It’s no suprise that black people don’t like Georgy Porgy either. We doubt, However, that you could find a brotha or sista who would throw some shoes at the dude… ESPECIALLY not some Air Jordan’s!

That would be silly!

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