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On An Island with Natalie

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I used to have a lightweight crush on Natalie Portman, cause my brother,, used to rave about her in The Professional.
It wasn’t until i saw her as Padme in Star Wars til I really raised more than my eyebrow peepin her out! but after I saw THIS.. Im lookin for her high and low!

SHOUTS OUT TO Lonely Island, they are from the Bay Area doing things el Grande, and makin me laugh hard.. = they got E-Feezy on a track, so THAT’S whats up!

Santana DVX ft. E-40

Like a Boss

They should really get Slim Thug on something cause, while I feel their effort, Its not slappin harder than :

Like a Boss


Animacism II: Dubya Bia Bia

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Someone at YouTube must have pissed of a WB exec, because instead of Warner MAKING some money for their video channel, their spending money trying to pull vids from the site. King Anyi’s channel was informed that one of his videos was pulled because of an audio clip of E-40’s “Gouda” was used. ( pic below )Time Warner is paying someone hours or salary to search YouTube for even the smallest usage of thief catalog. What a waste…
At least they’re not taking down THESE early music videos!
[YouTube= watch?v=nEwHV2KD0b8]


We’d like to see somebody smash down on these!

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Ujima Day

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Habari Gani peoples! Day three of The Bliznog’s Kwanzaa Celebration means Collective Work and Responsibility (Ujima). Teaming up to take on challenges or to solve problems is what today is about. Here are nice posse cuts to get you through the day with Ujima on your mind.




GigMaster Chronicles: Dim Mak Tuesdays @ Cinespace

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If it wasnt for these photos, I wouldnt remember kickin it at Dim Mak!… but I remember it was live!



And this video sums up the end of the night!


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