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I heard this playing at a restaurant I was at and it reminded me- Biggie got killed on this day.

Reminded me of this of curse:

I got to post my favorite Notorious BIG joint..


Chris Brown Beatdown: Diddy’s Love Shack?

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After more than two weeks of Super Drama, Chris Brown and Rihanna are “On again”. After reportedly getting into a huge scuffle that left Rihanna lumped up, and Chris Brown handcuffed up, the couple rekindled their love for eachother… At Diddy’s house?? Even though I smell something fishy, I’ll give the obligatory awwwwwwwwwwww… Tender

So, between the two, whose doing what dope? (I say-Chris Brown drinks, and Rihanna totes that girl.. You know “That Girl!”.. Put me down for $20)

Phoenix Rapping!?

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It’s official: Joaquin Phoenix no longer wants to act. Instead, the Oscar nominated performer wants to rap. Think “Marky” Mark Wahlberg, but in reverse. The Bliznog will be scratching our heads until his single drops (probably longer than that). They boy says his heart’s in rap, though, and even wants P. Diddy to lend a helping more at Reuters ( ) Maybe He’ll rap about a boat. Like these fools, Lonely Island ft. T-Pain

More Boats, and H*es

All these rappers and boats.. Why not keep the party goin!?

Hey! Here’s a rap starter kit for all the white-boy fellas who want to jump into hiznip-hop:

Make it happen!