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Happy Veterans Day to ALL

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Happy Veterans Day!.. Today tell a vet you appreciate their service.  I would like to thank all military personnel for their service of our country! I would also like to shout out all the OG’s and hood veterans serving the block, as well as the souldiers of the turf holding it down.  HUGE shouts out to all the veteran comedians killing, bombing, and jumping on grenades for our entertainment!

Now watch this video of Fat Ass Rick Ross shirtless with 1,000,000 tattoos!  Its called VETERANS DAY!

AND.. watch GHETTO SOLDIERS Continue reading


One on Obama is Worth Two On Bush.

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Whos the Man!?

Who's the Man!?

Reuters reports that comedians can’t write as many jokes on Obama as they can about Bush. Some comics have made a living off Bush jokes. But apparently when it comes to president elect, Barack Obama, they just can’t make funny.

Those of you who have followed my act know that I have started a career off Obama jokes. I have you, the people of America to thank.
When Bush first started going forward with the war, people feared the draft and demonized recruiters. Now that we have change in the White House, our military will see better recruitment numbers. Hell, I’d ride for Obama’s military. But I wouldn’t fight a cold for Bush.
And those who feared Obama would get assassinated… I’d worry about the would-be assassin, because Barack will bust back!

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