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808’s and Jail Breaks

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rap star Kanye West was charged on Wednesday with battery, theft and vandalism in connection with a September 11, 2008 scuffle with paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport.

kanye 808 and jail-break

This is Kanye busting a camera open… I’d have beaten the breaks off Kanye.. this is MY camera!

The L.A. District Attorney’s Office has accused West, 31, of smashing camera equipment in the encounter. He faces up to two and a half years in prison if convicted on all the misdemeanor charges… If convicted, he’ll an album called “808’s and Jailbreaks.”


Hella Bail!

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Today, the Bliznog really noticed a lot of bail-type situations going on we must report. Our market is in shambles right now and markets are going through crisis! The Wall Street $700 billion package was approved, but no one has been found criminally responsible for such massive losses… Until now! Like when procecutors found Enron, and Kenneth Lay responsible for causing an energy crisis in the early-mid 2000’s, someone has finally been brought to justice in the stock market crash.

(Reuters) Bernard Madoff, quiet force on Wall Street for decades, was arrested and charged with running a $50 billion “Ponzi” (fancy word for pyramid, I guess) scheme in, arguably, the largest fraud caper in history. Agents entered the former chairman of theNasdaq Stock Market’s home Thursday, where he admitted to ripping off investors since the 60’s, saying, “Its all just one big lie.” As of Bliznog press time, bail has yet to be set… If the guy is so rich and smart, why doesn’t he know about his right to remain silent?.. I wouldve stuffed my mouth with Benjamins and started mumblin’, “I’m rich, b****!”
Automakers Denied Bail

Senate rejected Automakers’ bailout package yesterday. Read yesterday’s post CONGRESS POSTS BAIL FOR AUTO INDUSTRY to get an understanding of what will happen now that the bill stalled. Bennett College for Women’s Dr. Julianne Malveaux, economist, breaks it down!
It’s Dark and Jail is Hot!

Sheriffs in Arizona want to bring DMX to the pound, and are offering $5,000 to whoever can do it! The Rapper/ Dog, born Earl Simmons, missed his court date to answer to a cocktail of charges including animal cruelty. No offense to Arizona Sheriffs, but how are you gonna put a $5,000 bounty on a million dollar dude… Dog the Bounty hunter would get dogged by a DMX goon!.. But lord help X if they do catch up to him!
Get on the ground you goin to jail!

That’s a silly remix.

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