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Just Ice

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Lady Justice’s blindfold is made of the same fabric as women’s leggings.  Her scales are unbalanced from weighing crack and powder cocaine to deliver mandatory minimum sentencing. And I can see someone up under her dress.  The bitch’s sword is still sharp though!

When Judge Robert Perry sentenced Johannes Mehserle to two years with double credit for time served for the fatal shooting of  unarmed Oscar Grant, he not only delivered a slap on the wrist; he delivered a slap in the face.  A slap in the face of human rights, assuming unarmed African American males are human, of course.  Continue reading


The Barack of Love

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This is an interesting time in my life. I am a 25 year-old comedian from Oakland, Ca who decided to move to Los Angeles to pursuit my passion. Now I live in a country that has a black president.

In the Movie “The Fifth Element,” A Black President, played by “Tiny” Lister, oversees a crisis that is taking place in the year 2263. I believed for a long time that that’s how long I would have to wait around to actually see a black president in the White House. Now that Barack Obama has been elected 44th president on November 4th, the party is still going on. Horns were honking and people were shouting “Obama!”. L.A. was crackin that night and somebody with an “I voted” sticker got lucky. There’s gonna be a lot of Cancers born in 2009! An Obama baby boom! Everyone I spoke to this week when I asked them if they thought they’d live to see a Black US president said “No!” Even people younger than me! I still can’t believe that I would live to see the day America elects a black president.
We’ve changed the face of our leadership, thus changing its presentation to the world. Before November 4th, Uncle Sam looked like a man that was too old to be in the club. Sam’s Financial crisis and two wars made him seem like he had bad credit and two baby’s mothers, and the cowboy hat wasn’t helping either. But now Uncle Sam’s image has undergone a makeover. This new image of Uncle Sam has wavy hair and could pick up more than a few numbers at the bar; Sammie can pick up his people. I don’t feel so dirty now knowing that Uncle Sam “Wants me.” Would ride for Uncle Sam now if he needed me to fight in a war. Sure Sammy has the same issues, but with a new attitude and a new wardrobe, there aren’t any challenges that cant be overcome.
Obama’s rise to presidency gives me confidence my comedic pursuits. Not only is my name difficult to read and pronounce, my jokes and delivery are targeted at people who have an understanding of urban culture and subcultures, as well as mainstream America. Not only have I gotten advice to “Do something about my name” but I’ve also been instructed to cater to one demographic and forget about the other. But now, since America has chosen a leader with a unique name, who can identify with more than one American sub-culture, I’m less worried about translating my material and more focused on just writing it. I also have a sense of connection with more of my fellow Americans and I’m just plain happier. Sure racial profiling isn’t going to disappear today. Sure discrimination will not vanish into the shadows of society. And of course bigotry and racism will not banish themselves into the past. But now I know the characters who exercise such tactics don’t represent the majority of my fellow Americans. I do feel a lot less bleak in the face of these issues and shortcomings of my nation. This Change in the White House wont Change our problems, but it certainly changes the lenses in which I view them


Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech

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King Anyi featured on sounding off on Obama Victory

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I made a bet in 2002 that the Raiders would win the Super Bowl. I had no intentions on honoring the bet when they lost, so instead of telling the guy I’d pay him when hell froze over, I told him I’d pay him when we get a Black president. Now that Barack Obama has been elected president, I think I’m in trouble. This guy is so serious, he added me on Myspace AND Facebook. I’ve decided that since Obama won the election fair and square, I will honor my word to this dude. I will give him half of the money.

While some are celebrating Obama’s victory, others are downright afraid that he will stray from his “safe black man” image. When George W. Bush became president, he performed a sort of cultural relaxation. He relaxed his command of the English language a bit. He wore more cowboy garb than Clint Eastwood. He introduced phrases like “Smoke ‘em out,” and “A leadership is someone who brings people together.” But now that Barack Obama is soon to be president, what kind of cultural relaxation might we expect from this historical figure? For instance, we’re used to seeing him in suits, with his hair all wavy, stringing together wonderful sentences with amazing diction. America has said “We are ready for a president with waves!” But I wonder, are we ready for the president who wears a wave cap? What if Obama decides to grow his hair out? If he decided to get a perm, would it be silkier than both the Reverend Al Sharpton’s, and Michelle Obama’s? What if one of his usually conservative-colored suits happened to give way to a more neon look, say…purple? Would many voters regret their endorsement if they were to find out that at all of Obama’s speeches, he was secretly wearing alligator shoes? These are all questions that only time can answer.

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Our 44th President

Our 44th President