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The “R” is for “Rape”

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It’s common knowledge by now that Robert “R. Kelly” beat charges of statutory rape. However, if procecutors were to bring up “the R” on remix rape charges, their case would stick! I displayed the “Pied Piper’s” remix rape of T-Pain and Ludacris’ “Chopped and Screwed” (see post titled SHAWTY DONT CHOP ME, SCREW YOU), where he just plain booted Luda out the mix. When the R does a remix, it becomes his! Which is why I call it remix rape.
Exhibit A: Ciara- Promise (remix)
..Not even fair

Exhibit B: Beyonce- If I Were a Boy (remix)
… I admit that I hated this song.. Until Robert hit it….

But wait!… Robert raped Kanye!
Exhibit C: Kanye West- Love Lockdown (remix)

Lock him up and throw away the key.. But let him keep makin rapemixes

Rapemixes is a silly word I just made up.

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