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I heard this playing at a restaurant I was at and it reminded me- Biggie got killed on this day.

Reminded me of this of curse:

I got to post my favorite Notorious BIG joint..


Animacism!: Officer Ricky 4!

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This is getting redunkulunk! 50 has a oil way of grinding an opponent to mush, non lyrically, by transforming fools into one-line jokes.. SMH.

might as well show you what you’ve already seen!:

Chuch on Sunday!

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Somehow 50 Cent dragged Foxy Brown into his Rick Ross funk.. Foxy said he had 24 hrs to retract his statements “or else”.. You know Fiddy had to come back clownin’

Since 50 also brought Pimpin Ken into his lil video, the Bliznog will post the vid of Pimpin Ken airing out rap “pimps”

… Yes, even if you got it, IT’S TRICKIN’!

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50 Cent For Your Thoughts

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50is creeping back.. His upcoming album ‘Before I Self Destruct’ is getting buzz based on this diss track towards Lil Wayne and… Wait for it… Oprah Winfrey??

Wow.. Well u know Fiddy means business cause he’s got a Dr. Dre track..

I Get It In-



Oakland Riots: Aftermath

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We’d like to start with a sidenote bofore we get into the Oakland Riot and it’s aftermath; Aftermath is Back!
Eminem ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent -Crack A Bottle

Bottles were mos def getting cracked in downtown Oakland Wednesday 01/07/09 when citizen’s rioted in protest of BART police killing Oscar Grant III, an unarmed man lying face down.
It wasn’t enough to just arrest him.. Damn.

Well here’s how the people reacted!

More unrest AND the Ghetto Bird!

This guy chronichles his journey thru the Town
Pt. 1
Pt. 2

Davey D ( ) goes in on mayor Ron Dellums and the whole situation!

The last riot in Oakland was 2002, out of celebration of the Raiders AFC Division victory.

Our folks at Streets is Talkin Radio,’ Leon, aka D Nastee, had the commentary for NPR! peep why he stated home!

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Random News! Dowries, Ankle Beepers, Whopper Jr. Burglars

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An Egyptian man, Saad Gamaa, offered his daughter, Amal Saad Gamaa, to Iraqi Journalist/Shoe Chucker, Muntazer al-Zaidi, in marriage. Not only does the daughter not protest, she’s TOO thrilled! She sees it as a great honor to be offered to such a hero. al-Zaidi’s response was not immediately clear. The Bliznog says “Ride the Momentum!”

First comes the wife deal..
Then the shoe deal…
Then the book deal…
Then the Record deal!…
Whopper Jr. Burglar

In Beaumont, Texas, a 4 year old broke OUT if his house, and IN to a discount store to play with the toys. The door was unlocked, so the boy just walked right in, tripping the silent alarm. When police arrived, the boy was showing off his cool toys! Charges have yet to be filed. Here’s the Store Manager:

Store Manager (on phone): “Yea, I locked up last night.”
“A Break in!”
“Ill clean my desk right away”
Ankle Beeper for Bernie!

Bernard Madoff, alleged swindler of $50 billion in Wall Street Investor fraud, was ordered under house arrest today. But if you’ve got $50 billion, they only make you pay 10% in restitution.. IF you go on probation, otherwise, you keep the dough! $2 billion could build you a super mall around your house! $5 billion can buy yourself an Island! Giving up 10% of $50 bil. would leave you with $45 billion…. Don’t try to tell us crime doesn’t pay. It’s all in the color of your collar!

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