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Hood Philanthropy pt.1

Posted in Comedian Life, Life.. in General!, Music, Observations, The GRIND! with tags , , , , on January 27, 2011 by kinganyi

It’s so hilarious when I see fools I know or have seen around the entertainment circuit on TV.. THIS rappin ass dude, Evan Wreck’n I used to see ALL the time at the Music Box I hosted at the Palm’s Bar on Santa Monica in West Hollywood. This cat has burned me down and liquored me up on several occasions.. so I won’t say TOO MUCH about bruh… but LOL.. the footage and rap he spits says it all!.. I’m over here dyin’
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Happy Veterans Day to ALL

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Happy Veterans Day!.. Today tell a vet you appreciate their service.  I would like to thank all military personnel for their service of our country! I would also like to shout out all the OG’s and hood veterans serving the block, as well as the souldiers of the turf holding it down.  HUGE shouts out to all the veteran comedians killing, bombing, and jumping on grenades for our entertainment!

Now watch this video of Fat Ass Rick Ross shirtless with 1,000,000 tattoos!  Its called VETERANS DAY!

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Comedy Vampire Shit

Posted in Comedian Life, The GRIND!, Uncategorized on October 11, 2010 by kinganyi

Its been a couple of years since I moved out to Los Angeles from Oakland, Ca. Its’s been 5 years since I looked decided to become a comedian, going on stage and entertaining people without an instrument or an instrumental. The main reason I moved to LA is because I didn’t feel like I was getting enough time to get tight. I could write all day, but it really only counts when you’re in front of a crowd. In the bay area, if I was feeling ambitious, I could get up 3 times a week maybe 5 times in a month, including everything from shows with actual audience, to open mics with ALL comedians who rarely pay attention for whatever reason (not judging, I don’t pay too much attention my damned self). in LA, there are a gang of microphones! If you’re being lazy, you can hit 3 mics a week maybe 5 times a month, including everything from shows with actual audience to open mics with comedians not paying attention. I think i might have found my absolute favorite room, ever.
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Shows Up!

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Today is a Show DAY for ya folks, King Anyi.  First up.. in less than an hour, I’ll be hosting HEAR IN THE CITY with Sara Harris on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles.  It’s dope to be a part of a radio show on an ACTUAL station, after so many years and months contributing to other shows, funny-style orgnizations, and janky online internet stations.  This show is about Radio Realities from the Urban Landscape that is Los Angeles.  It’s our fourth show and you can check out the stories on Hear In The City‘s website!..

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Planes, Trains, & No Automobile

Posted in Life.. in General!, Observations, The GRIND! on March 25, 2010 by kinganyi

This past weekend, I was able to take a trip back home from LA to the Bay Area to host FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS at Blake’s in Berkeley.  

Here’s a lil clip of me in action there jokin around, sellin drinks, introducing rappers, and being pressured to spit flows!

I requested to take Amtrak instead of flying because I’m convinced that the flight experience is total crap.  Sure you save time, but other than that, there’s no benefit tot flying whatsoever.  Taking te train may have taken a longer time, but not only did I NOT have to be super security screened or cramed in a seat, I got to enjoy views like this one.

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