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Forever Hoes

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Can someone please explain to me why Forever 21 bags have John 3:16, the bible verse, on their bags! Forever 21 is a clothing store that caters to whores, both professional and volunteer. Ain’t no religion involved! That’d be funny if the clothes themselves had verses on them. Chicks would be buying up all the Thongs of Salvation and Clear Heels of Redemption. But a lot more dudes will get more familiar with the bible if a stripper slid down the pole in a John 3:16 G-String

Here’s a comedian talking about forever 21.. I can’t relate to this at all, but I’m sure it’s hilarious to SOMEBODY!


Winter Frosty Cupcakin’

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cup-cake [kuhp-keyk]


1. a small cake, the size of an individual portion, baked in a cup-shaped mold.

2. Older Slang . a. a sexually attractive young woman.

b. a beloved girl or woman.


3. To spend sweet time with someone either in person or on the phone

People think Summer and Spring are the seasons of love.. Even though we’ve all had a Summer love and caught Spring fever (if you’re fortunate), I have to say that Winter, is the best season to generate warmth between two beings, especially since its son damn cold out.  Females that I’ve gotten with in the summers and springs of my life have always made it clear to me that they were only interested in getting that itch scratched.  It has always been the ones I’ve spent winter nights with shielding each other from the elements that have forever held a special place in my spirit.

That being said, you and I all have until Nov. 1 to submit those relationship applications before the winter deadline expires.  Cause once the rain crashes against your window pane, being alone will drive you insane, so when its cold outside, who will you be holding? Continue reading

Back in the Game

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I’ve been living long enough to be suspicious of females I meet in nightclub settings.  9 times out of 10 they shake their ass for you before they shake your hand.  I have lived in LA long enough to be more than suspicious of a female I meet in a Hollywood nightclub.  I don’t exepect anything substantial or sustainable with Those.. Like produce on the shelves at Ralph’s on Slauson and Crenshaw.

I did, however, come across this female from Houston who is new LA.. Like WEEKS new.. So idk if the spirit of the city has swept her away.  I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because
A) she’s from the Texas
B) I met her at a reggae spot (Reggae on Sunset)- Which is way less phony than a regular night club
C) she’s finer than the legal print on my cell phone contract

And she wants to kick it with me so why not let her?

But im wondering if she’s sees something in me thats not there.. Like Good Credit..
Continue reading

Christmas Cakes!

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You Have to listen to the song to appreciate The Bliznog’s gift to you. Otherwise we look like a bunch of pervs, all Disney’d out.

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Kill Your TV!.. And Landline!

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If E.T. Were trying to “phone home” today, he would probably not want to call a landline. Reuters reports an increasing number of households have ditched their home telephone service. 18% of the country is now made up of what is considered to be “Cell only” households. That number is up from last years 13.6%. With cell phones being a must-have today, can you really fault the trend? On top of rising costs of everything, including home phone service, landline just don’t measure up to the performance of cellphones.. Home phones can’t do any of these applications below, shown on an iPhone.

You definitely can’t blog on a landline, even with slow ass dial up Internet.

No twitter on a landline (no promoting your twitts, either).

And MOST importantly, you can’t listen to Suga Free on your landline, unless you called a Temp Pimp Agency and they put you on hold!

It has also been reported that “Millenials,” the age group 14-25 watch the least amount of TV than all other age groups. Reuters reports Millenials watch only 10.5 hrs of TV a week. They also report millenials watch 1.9 hours per week of DVDs on computers, more than any other age group. That is because cable, as we sink deeper into recession, is considered an unnecessary luxury to most. Internet offers ten times more entertainment than cable. On top of cable programming being offered on the Internet through cable network websites, and pirate-sites, Internet Users enjoy social networking, viral video, andnews updated to the minute.

And cable will never show things like this:
LOL… Or this:


… But you already knew that didn’t you!?


What else that was a stronghold in our society is being deemed unneccessary by or frivolous during these times of tight pockets?

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Shawty dont chop me! Screw you!

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I was feelin T-Pain’s “Chopped and Screwed” with Ludacris… Then I heard the remix featuring the Pied Piper himself… The aRuh R. Kelly… Now I’m in love widdit!


I’ve been chopped before, but never screwed out of by money… But being chopped is bad enough! You know when a female gives u a little play then does the hokey pokey on you… This broad I was talkin to in Riverside wanted to spend the night at my house, but didn’t want to bone, which is acceptable for our first time kicking it… But then the bitch suggested I sleep on the floor… At my home… Where EYE pay rent. Needless to say, she got thee worse verbal assault I’ve ever given anyone, man woman, or child.. But I was chopped… Thank goodness for game… If not for that magical thing I might have been screwed too… And I wouldn’t have had a backup stallion to entertain either… SCREW YOU BOO BOO!

But maybe Im crazy…

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Can the Cougar Committee Keep Up with the Kardasians!?

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The Cougar Committee is again in session!… But first…

The Kardasians are being seen all over the damn TV and Internet!.. I have yet to see something that would translate as talent, but if being seen won you an award, these gals would clean up at every ceremony. Kim Kardasian (of Ray J. Sex tape fame ) is reportedly engaged to Reggie Bush. Reggie is a genius, because even with his NFL salary and endorsements, he could walk away from a divorce with half HER stuff… She’s that ballin… I’d wrap any one of these sisters up like pita bread, Fast!.. I’d even let our kids carry the Kardasian name… If we have a daughter, I’d name her Veesa… A boy, I’d name Master… Yep. Veesa and Master Kardasian… I wouldn’t stop at two either… Amex and Discover aren’t gender-specific names.. But truth be told, the Kardasians ain’t got shit on these Cougar Pups!

I’ve jocked Sanaa Lathan (left) since Blade but slept on her since she started dating Omar Epps. They been in love on screen in so many flicks, shit just made since to stop acting and play one on one, “for your heart.” ( Love and Basketball reference).

Gabrielle Union (right) has always been hot!.. I actually witnessed her hotness at the 2002 Essence Awards. She was n VIP with her then-fiancé, now ex-husband, Whatshisface oh yea Chris Howard ( thanks Google App!). He was a football player too ( that shit dont last.. hint hint )

Meagan Good ( middle ) is fine too!… But she is but is not quite at cougar status. She’s still in her dubs…. But
Aysha Tyler will do just perfect in her absence.

Ms. Tyler ( I hope it’s Ms. ) was the host of my favorite cancelled dating-reality TV show “the Fifth Wheel” and was the only black friend on “Friends”.

So how does my committee keep up with the Kardasians?.. If I had to choose, I’d prioritize in this order:

Sanaa Lathan
Gabrielle Union
Kim Kardasian
Aysha Tyler
Kourtney Kardasian
Whatsherface oh yea Khloe Kardasian ( thanx again Google App!! )

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