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Shows Up!

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Today is a Show DAY for ya folks, King Anyi.  First up.. in less than an hour, I’ll be hosting HEAR IN THE CITY with Sara Harris on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles.  It’s dope to be a part of a radio show on an ACTUAL station, after so many years and months contributing to other shows, funny-style orgnizations, and janky online internet stations.  This show is about Radio Realities from the Urban Landscape that is Los Angeles.  It’s our fourth show and you can check out the stories on Hear In The City‘s website!..

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Letta Etta Hate!

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King Anyi

Etta James recently has some choice words for Beyonce and Barack Obama. She was upset that Beyonce sang her ancient hit, “At Last” as the first couple’s first dance. Have a listen.

I’m not wild about Beyonce Carter, myself, but don’t hate on her AND the president… Yes YOUR president!

And if Ancient Etta wrote the song, then she got paid anyways, right? But she didn’t. So no “1 hit” wonder she sounds like a bitter beyotch.

Here’s the clip of the first dance after the inauguration:

I think they had Beyonce, who portrays Etta James in the recent fail, Cadillac Records, song the song because it’s a connection between a previous generation and a new one… I don’t give a rat’s tail about Etta OR the song. The Obamas looked kinda unnatural dancing to it. Beyonce should have sang this to usher in this new day:

But really, Ancient Etta, in the immortal words of Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, “QUIT HATIN MUTHAF***A, QUIT HATIN!”

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Sunday Funnies!

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If you are not on twitter… You need to handle that ASAP!.. Then go to

Artist Daryl Cagle is full of gems… Nothing is sacred!


Black Republican heads GOP

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Republicans elected Michael Steele chairman of the GOP. Steele, 50, is the first black man to hold this position. Republicans are hoping the skilled speaker will bring life to the crippled party. SEGWAY!


Day late and a dollar short!?

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Barackonomics: Banking on Obama’s Brand

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King Anyi

If you were in DC and you couldn’t find an Obama vendor, you were probably under a rock… And chances are, it was a 44th presidential commemorative rock! Seriously, I saw Obama’s face on EVERYTHING from apparell to trinkets to artwork.. But when I saw someone pushing ‘Obama Hot Sauce’ I lost it! They are pimping this man’s image! I spoke to economist/author/activist and president of Bennett College for Women, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, about this ‘Baraxploitation’.



What’s next??

Honey Nut CheeriObamas??

Barackourvoisier Cognac Brandy??

Barackondoms.. I hrard they actually exist… To prevent that 44th Presidential Commemorative Baby!


Anyway I saw this ish too and damn near lost my lunch:

I better not see this ish in real life!


First Act as President!

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King Anyi

I was at the Southern Inaugural Ball last night (and the after-party) where recently sworn-in U.S. Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama performed his first act as president: Cut a Rug with the First Lady!

If you listen real close, you can hear some fool upset because Im in front of him.  Hey, I gets mines IN, Yo!….

I would also show you Vice President, Joe Biden, Dancing with his wife, Jill, but THIS is mo’ funny!


on thhe screen at the Southern Inaugural Ball

on thhe screen at the Southern Inaugural Ball

Inaugural Trail: Showtime!

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King Anyi

I knew Barack Obama was going to bring this nation together…

I just didn’t know we’d be CRAMMED together too!

And it’s colder than penguin boxers!

You didn’t believe me!?

Its so crammed, somebody’s gonna end up pregnant!

Cornel West had this to say of Bush: “We gonna pray for him, but it’s over! Go on to Texas!… It’s a new day!”

More photos!

Stay Tuned for more! + video!