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On An Island with Natalie

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I used to have a lightweight crush on Natalie Portman, cause my brother,, used to rave about her in The Professional.
It wasn’t until i saw her as Padme in Star Wars til I really raised more than my eyebrow peepin her out! but after I saw THIS.. Im lookin for her high and low!

SHOUTS OUT TO Lonely Island, they are from the Bay Area doing things el Grande, and makin me laugh hard.. = they got E-Feezy on a track, so THAT’S whats up!

Santana DVX ft. E-40

Like a Boss

They should really get Slim Thug on something cause, while I feel their effort, Its not slappin harder than :

Like a Boss


Phoenix Rapping!?

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It’s official: Joaquin Phoenix no longer wants to act. Instead, the Oscar nominated performer wants to rap. Think “Marky” Mark Wahlberg, but in reverse. The Bliznog will be scratching our heads until his single drops (probably longer than that). They boy says his heart’s in rap, though, and even wants P. Diddy to lend a helping more at Reuters ( ) Maybe He’ll rap about a boat. Like these fools, Lonely Island ft. T-Pain

More Boats, and H*es

All these rappers and boats.. Why not keep the party goin!?

Hey! Here’s a rap starter kit for all the white-boy fellas who want to jump into hiznip-hop:

Make it happen!

Bale Out On ‘Em!

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King Anyi

The net is going gonzo about Christian Bale flipping out on a crew member during the filming of the new Terminator flick, in which he plays John Connor in the inevitably doomed future the previous trilogy foreshadowed. Appareently, the Light DM was distracting the actor as he was performing the most climatic scene of the film. Bale just went Ape Ish on the guy!.. Listen!

Bwah hah ha ha… Somebody should sample that in a rap diss record (hint 50, Ross)

Bale was probably within his rights to chew him out, but if EYE was spoken to like that, right or wrong, it’s on! You will have to eff me up! Fassst, cause I will get right back on you… But that’s just my opinion…

Comment! Enjoy!

Movie Trailer Trash!

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These are the movies that ran ads during the Superbowl starting with the “Must Watch” down to the “might catch”:

Transformers 2- Revenge of the Fallen

GI Joe

Fast and the Furious (with original cast!)

Land of the Lost

Monsters vs. Aliens



Inaugural Trail: Orange Carpet Juice!

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King Anyi

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Even though the carpet wasn’t red at Declare Yourself’s “A New Birth of Citizenship” inaugural ball at the Renaissance Hotel on Sunday night, celebrities like John Legend, Maroon 5, Jamie Foxx and Hayden Panettiere came out to celebrate the youth vote…

That was cool… but I admit.. THIS is where it’s at!

Complete stories at

Stay tuned for LiBron!


I’m Just Saiyan!

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Dragonball is coming to film! Fans of the cartoon will enjoy this!


Q’Orianka Kilcher is in the filck… She’s tight!


Nia (Long) Day!

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Habari Gani, Baby! Today is the day of Purpose (Nia). This is a good day because not only does this day put us in tune with what it is we call our “Calling,” but it also allows us to appreciate Nia Long 😀

Before the Bliznog indicts Nia Long into the Cougar Committee.. A video about Purpose


Nao! We move on…

Nia Long Joins the ranks of those “over 30, clean, never dirty, you could still get it” in the Cougar Committee, such as Sade, and Gabrielle Union…

Somebody else appreciated Nia enough to put together this video!

Happy Kwanzaa!