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Forever Hoes

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Can someone please explain to me why Forever 21 bags have John 3:16, the bible verse, on their bags! Forever 21 is a clothing store that caters to whores, both professional and volunteer. Ain’t no religion involved! That’d be funny if the clothes themselves had verses on them. Chicks would be buying up all the Thongs of Salvation and Clear Heels of Redemption. But a lot more dudes will get more familiar with the bible if a stripper slid down the pole in a John 3:16 G-String

Here’s a comedian talking about forever 21.. I can’t relate to this at all, but I’m sure it’s hilarious to SOMEBODY!


She’s A H.A.M. (Hot Ass Mess)

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I don’t know if you can see the pajama shorts and torn leggings this lady has on but.. Damn.. He was so sexy an tacky as fuck at the same time that I HAD to document it somehow

Lambo Pumps And A Bump!

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King Anyi

I did not know MC Hammer made a “Pumps and a Bump 2” video, sans man-thong.

U see Deion “Primetime” Sanders tellin the freaks to meet him at Brookdale in East Oakland.. That’s Town business!

Since Hammer is rising in popularity.. I’m encouraging “Pumps and Bump 2K” (3 would be too much) but he can feature these and the world would recognize HAMMERTIME!

.. I wonder if they got Bluetooth.

I said on Facebook that these would make me holler at Macy Grey if she was wearin em…

Funny Exerpt about these kicks with my lady pal, Kelley, who ain’t feelin the kicks. She said they look like a “prototype for Transformers 3 hooker-boots on Uranus”

Here’s the rest:

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Inaugural Trail: Obamoët!

Posted in Fashion, Uncategorized on January 20, 2009 by kinganyi

King Anyi

I was chilling at “Next Door” on U street in DC last night enjoying a VIP “Obamaoët Mixer!”

“The Future is so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades”

“They look good, but Ill pass!”

“I need that Obamoët!”

“Stop!… Think about it!”

“Luv this ice sculpture!”

Dubya: “Shoe in” for ‘World’s Most Hated’

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The brother of an Iraqi reporter has become a local folk hero for his ‘courageous’ attempt to beam soon-to-be former US President George W. Bush. Peep the video if u haven’t seen it a zillion times
He should have known he wouldn’t be able to tag the president. Dodgeball was the only subject Dubya excelled in.!

Oliver Stone probably wishes this happened while he was writing his biopic, “W.,” based on Bush’s life.

We at the Bliznog find the shoe hurler’s actions disrespectful and inexcusable! We also believe he should apologize immediately… To his shoes!

I pulled this toon off of hilarious! Add them on twitter @dcagle

It’s no secret that Bush doesn’t care about black people, as made clear by Kanye West during the height of Hurricane Katrina. It’s no suprise that black people don’t like Georgy Porgy either. We doubt, However, that you could find a brotha or sista who would throw some shoes at the dude… ESPECIALLY not some Air Jordan’s!

That would be silly!

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King Anyi, where art thou!?

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I’ve been on a hiatus from the Bliznog so I can have a few adventures!.. Good thing I did too, because I’ve got big news coming up in the next few weeks for my folks so stay tuned!.. Dogs these photos!.. This one above is Me, gigging at the Trackademiks show @ Cinespace in Hollywood 11/18/2008

This is Trackademiks ( ) getting down with 1 OAK, and DJ Tap 10!

This is a resturaunt by my LA crib called YEE’s.. It reminds me of all my bay folks… So much so, I added it to my Facebook and tagged my favorite folks… As if to say Yee!… A few of my folks didn’t appreciate it… Next round of shouts I do, I’ll remember to forget them

This here is a ceramic sculpture called “”Freaky Deaky” by Colin Christian… I saw this at an open bar/ art show with a bozo theme. This was the best piece and it sold for $8,000… iPhone picture: priceless!

I’ve got great thangs jumpin off… Stay tuned!

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Hoop it up!

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Women have been changing the styles forever. One thing, though, that has never escaped the fickle friend that is female fashion: Gold Hoop ear rings!

Like that pivotal football player, they never left the field. They remind me of bad ass beezies who put it down! I salute you badass beezies with this dedication of badass Rah Diggah, who was the dopest artist on Flipmode!