Don’t Look Now But the President is Following Me

You wanna be more like OBAMA!?.. follow @KINGANYI on Twitter!

Somewhere between tweet number one and tweet number 8,075 I started getting followed by the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.  I’m so excited about this I’m going to cancel my Long Island Iced TEA PARTY.. Not!.. Hey Obama!.. since Johanes Mehserle gets to walk for killing unarmed Oscar Grant, can you do me a solid and FREE MUMIA!?.. that’d be great!

Speaking of political prisoners..Lil Wayne is out of jail!… Lil Bow Wow not long ago said his visit to Lil Wayne it was so inspirational and now he’s suicidal for some reason.  Maybe he should have visited a Mumia Abu Jamal or a REAL political prisoner and he would get to see how lucky he really is to be the Lil big dude he is.  or maybe he just needs a follow from Obama.. WORKED FOR ME!


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