Just Ice

Lady Justice’s blindfold is made of the same fabric as women’s leggings.  Her scales are unbalanced from weighing crack and powder cocaine to deliver mandatory minimum sentencing. And I can see someone up under her dress.  The bitch’s sword is still sharp though!

When Judge Robert Perry sentenced Johannes Mehserle to two years with double credit for time served for the fatal shooting of  unarmed Oscar Grant, he not only delivered a slap on the wrist; he delivered a slap in the face.  A slap in the face of human rights, assuming unarmed African American males are human, of course.  After spending the month of June sitting in the courtroom, viewing video of officers attacking the cooperative Grant in his head and neck before shooting him in the back while he lay face down, I realized that regardless whether a black man is a felon or a family man, he is still shit in the eyes of law enforcement and the judicial system.  Literally. Shit.  When police respond to calls involving black males, the code is BM.  That night there were 5 BMs on the platform and police responded ready to flush.

I’ve been targeted by police, stomped on, had guns drawn on me, been wrongfully detained, and even been wrongfully arrested and jail. Each time, I was left with a reminder of where I stand in this nation.  I’m not here to complain about my status as the “Bowel Movement” of American society, because iroonically, the American justice system, too, is shit.  How else can you explain the compassionate sentencing of Mehserle for killing a man being more compassionate than those of Plaxico Burress, who shot himself, and Michael Vick, who abused dogs?  For every explanation you can offer for these discrepancies (which don’t even cover the spectrum), be it jurisdiction, proceedure, etc, is more proof that our justice system is not just.

America is a great nation that is like a great tower, the foundation of which is decrepit and rusty.  The Ivy of injustice all but fully encases the building.  The rust from the foundation may have spread all the way up to the office suites, but as long as the penthouse suites are still in pristine condition, why should we have to worry about this tower’s inhabitable conditions?  After all, they are more livable than the buildings that surround us.  A part of me wants to encourage the violent demolition of this disgusting structure, but instead, I will encourage us all to stand back and do nothing as the building crumbles, as all poorly crafted constructions eventually do.

I mean I got love for America, but I’m not IN LOVE with America… at all


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