Mr. Nice Guy: Goin Thru My Head

I get accused of being nice in an attempt to fuck the bitches a lot.  I do flirt, but got dammit I swear these females should get over their lil ole vages.  That’s like competing in a gameshow and the prize is a brand new washer/dryer.  Sure you may beat out your contestant, but at the end of the day, your prize is chores.  I’m not nice because I’m trying to fuck you, I’m nice cause I’m feeling nice.  I’m not an asshole because I don’t want to fuck you. I’m an asshole because I’m just feeling a lil assholier than thou at the moment.  I (speaking for myself now) am capable of thinking with my actual head, but whats the point if the broads are just gonna accuse you of thinking with your dickhead?  Now I (again speaking for myself) wont start acting like an asshole and blame it on these punk ass broads, I’ll take ownership for my shit.. I’d rather u RUNAWAY from me than walk.



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