Hollywood HOLLAween


Holloween is NOT my favorite holiday.. I don’t hate Halloween but its never been holy.  I mean when I was a kid it was a holy day free candy.  But now, it’s an excuse to get incredibly faded.. and I don’t need any damn excuse to walk around super wasted with a jedi light saber be it Halloween Sunday or Thursday.. BUT I never have done it as big as Kid Cudi

But really Halloween is kinda stupid.. I was out there in Hollywood. It was pure debauchery and pandemonium! 5 mufukkas got shot near where I was standing, waiting to get to my homie’s pad on Hollywood.. police were so wrapped up with the pistol packers, they didn’t respond to a couple fights that broke out and broke up.  Females didn’t have NO clothes on! shit was more than crazy! the WHOLE SCENE WAS CERTIFIABLE!.. which is my new word for a destination where TOO MUCH fun is being had.. might have to see whats up with an actual PARTY come HOLLAween 2011


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