Goin Hard 4 Breast Awareness

I was in 7-11 on the late night trying to purchase some liquids when I saw THIS display.  The folks down there with the Breast Cancer Awareness have lost it!  It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and as serious as breast cancer is, “Save The Ta-Tas (slang for Titties)” campaign is in poor taste.  Almost as bad as seeing girls with their updates talking about where they like to set their purses, but don’t mention the purse to make it sound sexually suggestive.  I don’t understand how telling your friends and followers that “You like it on the kitchen counter” is going to raise awareness or dollars for the cause, but I’m sure it’s raising something else.. Like this pole!  Would people by and large find it in good taste if a campaign to raise awareness for testicular cancer championed the slogan “Save Deez!?”  Actually, I think I like the idea of that enough to forgive the ladies of making a serious condition like breast cancer into a thing of silly sexy fun.  It really makes me want to “go hard” to save your tatas!




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