I Roach U A Luv Letter

Have you ever been so broke that you WISH you had roaches because you heard they’ve got a lot of potassium and protein? Then upset when you realize you’d need food in your house to attract roaches! I saw a roach this morning that changed my life, probably forever!
I’ve seen some interesting roaches in my lifetime. Some that swim, some that have wings, and even some that walk upright!

LAST NIGHT, however I saw the first roach to give me the heebie jeebies. And I don’t even use the words heebie jeebies ever!

This fucker was enormous! It was so big, I swear it had a professional sports contract. This was an alpha-fuckin roach! It looked like the kind of roach that told other roaches what to do. It would require a task force, a vin diagram, and a federal judge-signed warrant to take this thing down. When others and myself saw this roach, we didn’t jump up.. We slowly back away and bowed to the roach as if we were leaving it’s dojo, just saying, “aight Aight, you the man, roach.”

Damn thing wore size 14s! Most roaches have antennas. THIS thing had a satelite hooked up with Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket!

I will have this song in my head for a long ass time!

.. And this is Roach Gigz’ video “Pop Off”


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