Tuesday Tune up!

Kid Cudi Erase ME ft. Kanye West

OKAY!.. I’m gonna start a Tuning you up on Tuesdays if you you don’t mind.  I’ll post a couple brand new videos, A brand new song and a classic Jam.

I like that Kid Cudi FINALLY put out the video for Erase Me ft. Kanye West.. The Shit is thoroughly fresh!

My favorite line of the song “knowin someone U love don’t feel the same way about U, memories they soon delete” … Ain’t never lied!

I’ll even throw in another nice one from Cudi and Kanye- “Whylin’ Cause I’m Young”

I’ve always liked the Steelers.  Ever since they started winning with Big Ben, I kinda cooled on their bandwagon because I’m a RAIDER.. That being said, PA’s Wiz Khalifa released the video for his Pittsburgh/ Steelers anthem “Black and Yellow” and I caught myself in the mirror saying “blackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellow” then I had to correct myself.. “BlackANDSilverBlackANDSilverBlackANDSilverBlackANDSilver” but HUGE ups to Wiz, he’s nice with his!


This Lloyd Banks JUST dropped!.. START IT UP ft. Kanye West, Swizz Beats, and Fabolous.. I like this, but what do y’all think??

AND NOW FOR THE CLASSIC JAM!… This has been on my mind all week!

BTW WTF is the DITTY.. I think it means fuckin..


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