Comedy Vampire Shit

Its been a couple of years since I moved out to Los Angeles from Oakland, Ca. Its’s been 5 years since I looked decided to become a comedian, going on stage and entertaining people without an instrument or an instrumental. The main reason I moved to LA is because I didn’t feel like I was getting enough time to get tight. I could write all day, but it really only counts when you’re in front of a crowd. In the bay area, if I was feeling ambitious, I could get up 3 times a week maybe 5 times in a month, including everything from shows with actual audience, to open mics with ALL comedians who rarely pay attention for whatever reason (not judging, I don’t pay too much attention my damned self). in LA, there are a gang of microphones! If you’re being lazy, you can hit 3 mics a week maybe 5 times a month, including everything from shows with actual audience to open mics with comedians not paying attention. I think i might have found my absolute favorite room, ever.

Sushi Kingz on Sunset blvd and Gardner is a 24 hour sushi spot that has comedy in the late night. Never before this place could I have even conceived performing after last call, in front of actual civilians. But ever since my most recent birthday, I’ve become quite familiar with comedy after dark. I’m like a damn comedy vampire. even as I write this, it is 5:36AM!.. I just am getting back home and settled from a night/morning of comedy. The late-night, after-club sushi crowd is awesome. AND the time on stage is good time to work out with. I’ve done 20-30 minutes twice in one night over there for two different sets of 10 -12 late-night, after-club sushi enthusiasts. I was told I did an hour and a half this morning. It felt like 30. Now I’m looking at fools like “You still do comedy before 2AM!?” The only problem is, I don’t want a bunch of folks to know about this spot because then it’ll be saturated with comics who aren’t paying attention, or who don’t have much material and start walking people, or are just so damned tired from hustling all day. Thank goodness not many comics give a fuck about my blog. I mean, right!?

Here’s a weak ass Gucci Mane song about Vampires


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