Hollywood Hangover

I don’t remember much from last night’s Hollywood adventure, but what I do remember was quite memorable.

I got with the Homie, Ssan Chop and his folks who were talking about going to the Cabana Club.. But first, we cats went on a stolen drank mission to the CVS.. that’s all I can really tell ya

I can say that we spent so much tome trying to acquire all the champagne and Moscato (a desert wine that should only be enjoyed with cake or when stolen) our hearts could stand that we couldn’t even all get into the club right. U know that fake ass shit that happens when one dude doesn’t let the bouncer know to let all of us through? Some buster did that. So me and Ssan went back to the apt we were chillin’ at to polish off the remaining drank (& made a few friends on the way ;-)) and we ran into THIS chick.

This chick had earlier threw up everywhere and pissed in the hallway and pissed everybody off, except me because she was just so damn drunk and entertaining. Especially when she fell off the stripper pole that was unsafely installed in the apt. But she was down to grab some Hennessey so we went on the first righteous drank mission of the night AOB (all on a bitch).

On the way to the Liquor store I ran into THIS dude- Brian Pumper. The porn star who fucked Montana Fishburne (Laurence’s daughter) on film and who looks eerily similar to G-Unit rapper, Lloyd Banks. I asked him what he would say to Katt Stacks (do your own research on this whore). It’s funny cause he thought I was recording because he kept sayin’, “yo this is your boy..” I had to stop him and tell him I’m just takin pics and that I would quote him. His message to Kat: “Get off the bullshit” Whateverthefuckthatmeans..

The drunk chick was a blessing to be around!.. She was slappin asses and pulling up skirts left & right! She was great. At a certain point the clubs closed and liquor stopped being served… which meant it could only be stolen (fuckin horrible I know).

But the point of this isn’t to share how retarded I can get (if it were I’d tell U about all the other scandalous shit I can remember).. The point of this post is that in Hollywood, I have had more fun and made more friends (;-)) OUTSIDE the clubs than inside!

That is all


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