Balloon Bouquet

Shouts out to all the girls who sport the balloon bouquets on their birthdays. You woke up early in the morning to go to school dragging along a weightless anchor, announcing your survival through another year in what it is we call LIFE! I don’t know if its because you carried a ton of balloons ALL DAY LONG, but it does seem as though you are floating somewhat. You should be floating! The world is about to recognize you as a mature woman… as soon as you ditch the balloons!.. But don’t do it too soon! Hang on too your youth, young woman, like you hang on to those balloons. Because once you let go, there are no balloon bouquets in adulthood (unless you graduate I guess… or stay a mentally stagnate silly assed individual). There IS a bouquet of BILLS and WORK SHIFTS waiting in your future! PS, how do you get on the bus with all that shit??

Todd Shaw AKA Too $hort has an interesting outlook on a young woman’s coming of age


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