The Show on the Road Must Go On

Last night was my first road gig in 4-5 months! Out in Perris, Ca (Riverside County) at the Masonic lodge. I won’t talk about how strange it felt to be performing in the worship center of The premiere secret society of secret societies. I will say the show almost didn’t go on.

My playah Patna, Robert Zapata put me up on the show and we rolled and hour and a half east of LA to hit Perris.
We arrived and after a certain time, it became clear that what everyone thought would be a comedy show/party was turning into a well organized Kickback (a gathering where everyone just kicks back). We got some little pieces of paper for comin way out, and were about to bounce back to LA to find a party instead.

We were just about to hit the freeway, but turned back for some of the soul food being served up at the lodge, which sounded 1,000 times better than Jack-N-the-Colon (and 10 times cheaper). When we came back, turns out that cats were lightweight/low-key talking bad on us for takin the money & runnin’.

I was ready to perform for the crowd of 20 civilians (civilian is a non comedian). I’m so used to performing for that many comedians who aren’t paying attention, so I was juiced. Turns out, Rob was too!.. We did the damn thang and were able to leave with no regrets. Well I regretted not taking any photos to make this a better blog post, but everytime I thought about snappin flicks at the Mason church, I kept sayin’, “This is how fools get assassinated with high powered rifles from hundreds of yards away and make it still look like an accident.”

~Big Ups to Jay-Z


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