Planes, Trains, & No Automobile

This past weekend, I was able to take a trip back home from LA to the Bay Area to host FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS at Blake’s in Berkeley.  

Here’s a lil clip of me in action there jokin around, sellin drinks, introducing rappers, and being pressured to spit flows!

I requested to take Amtrak instead of flying because I’m convinced that the flight experience is total crap.  Sure you save time, but other than that, there’s no benefit tot flying whatsoever.  Taking te train may have taken a longer time, but not only did I NOT have to be super security screened or cramed in a seat, I got to enjoy views like this one.

I AM going to have to catch a flight THIS weekend where I’ll be hosting for Bennett College For Women’s CLASH OF THE LEGENDS STEP SHOW a part of their Ebony Soul 2010 Weekend.  I can’t articulate how juiced I am to text THAT smiley face!  I will have a lil something something for the Bliznog tho!

In the meantime, I’m on that autobus until my automobile situation is sorted out and I can ride “The Millennium Dove” once again.  So… guess which one of these wonderful people is FUNKY!!


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