Generational Conversationals

I believe the children are the future.. Teach them well.. Etcetera.

I remember when my young cousin was the size of my foot.. 13 years later and the boy has a little bass in his voice.. All of which he uses to tell me about his variety of “bitches.”

I want to teach him some things about life in general as it pertains to what he calls “bitches”- (I use words like skeezers instead- I’m old school like that). But you have to meet the youth where they are, so before I teach him, I have to entertain his tales of hour long phone conversations and grabbies. More importantly, I have to solicit his wisdom. We can all learn a thing or two from 13 year olds, believe it or not.

You can learn how to improve your kill/death ratio in “Modern Warfare 2!”

The best free porn sites!

I asked my cousin,
“whose your favorite porn st-..”
“-Pinky!” he replied before I could finish the question

It was a breakthrough!.. The perfect segway into conversations his parents and elders may shy away from. But I had to stoop to his level so I could elevate his mentality above his homies.

If you have Tweens and teens, I suggest you take the same approach. Or if you’re uncomfortable, find a cat like me who can relate with them on some level- someone who talks with them and not TO them. And for crying out loud, LET THE YOUTH ENJOY THEIR PORN!

Sure you’ve got all the nanny software that blocks those out.. But every minute a child spends on the Internet looking for porn is a minute NOT spent online researching recipes for homemade plastic explosives!

This has been a public service announcement.


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