Don’t Cuss Just Because

It’s no cussing week in LA, inspired by the No Cussing Club ( ). The objective of the event is to raise awareness of more enlightened forms of communication. Months ago, I began censoring myself at a day job I had. Instead of saying the F-word when I hurt myself, I would say “F-Word” or “Expletive Deleted.” On my blog, I began saying “Ish” instead of the S-Word and uFck, instead of the F-word. I really challenged myself to replace offensive words in my lexicon, and still express the true nature of my thoughts, feelings, and action. The NCC website says, “Clean language is a sign of intelligence,” which I interpret as, If you cuss, you’re an idiot. But I know that isn’t true. Some of the most intelligent people in the world drop an F-Bomb every now and then. And what about those who don’t curse that still come off as offensive and crass. It’s not the words; it’s the intentions that gauge the true nature of a person. The previous Bush Administration demonstrated some of the most offensive actions and legislations in the history of man, and did it without uttering one swear word on TV. Call it a character defect, but even if I’m not swearing, I’m going to use my creative juices to find means to articulate an offense towards someone else. I read the NCC’s Challenge, which says,
I won’t cuss, swear, use bad language, or tell dirty jokes. Clean language is a sign of intelligence and always demands respect. I will use my language to uplift, encourage and motivate. I will Leave People Better Than I Found Them!
My first thought after reading the challenge was, I can uplift someone, even if I curse. But that was just my habbit taking over. I decided to try the challenge, giving up swears for one week. Then my AT&T phone bill came, and that was the end of that!


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