The Art That Goes Boom

Last Night I was in SF for a Scion event: Beatbox.

An art exhibit and concert, the event is focused on artistically crafted homemade stereo systems. These fully functioning boom-box sculptures will come to life with sight, sound and motion by utilizing the latest automotive audio/visual equipment: speakers, head units, flat screens, and LED lights. Some of the installations will resemble various art sculptures and the exhibit will also feature throwback boom boxes made from original materials ust like the old days, with speakers built in and a car head unit.

Toon One came with THE BOP GUN, the gun-modeled boombox inspired by George Clinton and Ice Cube’s “Bop Gun (One Nation)

Skyy Vodka was giving out the bar, promoting their pineapple and citrus vodkas. I took full advantage, yet somehow my head isn’t pounding like one of the displays.


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