On An Island with Natalie

I used to have a lightweight crush on Natalie Portman, cause my brother, http://www.DankThomas.wordpress.com, used to rave about her in The Professional.
It wasn’t until i saw her as Padme in Star Wars til I really raised more than my eyebrow peepin her out! but after I saw THIS.. Im lookin for her high and low!

SHOUTS OUT TO Lonely Island, they are from the Bay Area doing things el Grande, and makin me laugh hard.. = they got E-Feezy on a track, so THAT’S whats up!

Santana DVX ft. E-40

Like a Boss

They should really get Slim Thug on something cause, while I feel their effort, Its not slappin harder than :

Like a Boss


3 Responses to “On An Island with Natalie”

  1. you are awesome and so So beautiful ithink i look like you!! ha XD!!!

  2. I am in love with natalie omg omg omg omg omg omg i love her so much i would lick her butt

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