The “R” is for “Rape”

It’s common knowledge by now that Robert “R. Kelly” beat charges of statutory rape. However, if procecutors were to bring up “the R” on remix rape charges, their case would stick! I originally pounted this out on my post ” SHAWTY DONT CHOP ME, SCREW YOU!” showing you what he did to T-Pain & Ludacris’, CHOPPED AND SCREWED. He forcibly had his way with the beat and it wasn’t fair!.. We must prosecute! The Bliznog has built a case against the “Pied Piper.”

Exhibit A: Ciara- Promise
… That’s just not fair!

Exhibit B: Beyonce- If I Were a Boy
.. I’ll admit, I HATED this song.. Until the R hit it! Now it’s the perfect duet.

But damn… Did Kells have to rape Kanye… Yes he did!

Exhibit C: Kanye West: Love Lockdown
Waaaaaaay better than the original.
The Pied Piper took them cheecks!

Lock him up and throw away the key.. And force him to do more rapemixes!

Rapemix is a silly word I just made up for R. Kelly remixes

Comment! Discuss!



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