Hood Philanthropy pt.1

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It’s so hilarious when I see fools I know or have seen around the entertainment circuit on TV.. THIS rappin ass dude, Evan Wreck’n I used to see ALL the time at the Music Box I hosted at the Palm’s Bar on Santa Monica in West Hollywood. This cat has burned me down and liquored me up on several occasions.. so I won’t say TOO MUCH about bruh… but LOL.. the footage and rap he spits says it all!.. I’m over here dyin’
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Don’t Fall for the Okie Doke!

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I video taped a dude get str8 hustled by a dude with three bottle caps, some balled up shit, and a purple suit.. Lol dude lost $50!.. I didn’t have the heart to tell this kid his lips were HELLA CRUSTED!.. but check it out at 2:30.. I get MY HATE ON!!

“Naw, I Don’t Like Real Hip Hop”

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My brief thoughts on CD Salesmen:

Happy Veterans Day to ALL

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Happy Veterans Day!.. Today tell a vet you appreciate their service.  I would like to thank all military personnel for their service of our country! I would also like to shout out all the OG’s and hood veterans serving the block, as well as the souldiers of the turf holding it down.  HUGE shouts out to all the veteran comedians killing, bombing, and jumping on grenades for our entertainment!

Now watch this video of Fat Ass Rick Ross shirtless with 1,000,000 tattoos!  Its called VETERANS DAY!

AND.. watch GHETTO SOLDIERS Continue reading

Don’t Look Now But the President is Following Me

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You wanna be more like OBAMA!?.. follow @KINGANYI on Twitter!

Somewhere between tweet number one and tweet number 8,075 I started getting followed by the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.  I’m so excited about this I’m going to cancel my Long Island Iced TEA PARTY.. Not!.. Hey Obama!.. since Johanes Mehserle gets to walk for killing unarmed Oscar Grant, can you do me a solid and FREE MUMIA!?.. that’d be great!

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MC Humor!

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Hey this spoof of the MC HAMMER “Better Run run”  Jay-Z diss is HELLArious!

Just Ice

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Lady Justice’s blindfold is made of the same fabric as women’s leggings.  Her scales are unbalanced from weighing crack and powder cocaine to deliver mandatory minimum sentencing. And I can see someone up under her dress.  The bitch’s sword is still sharp though!

When Judge Robert Perry sentenced Johannes Mehserle to two years with double credit for time served for the fatal shooting of  unarmed Oscar Grant, he not only delivered a slap on the wrist; he delivered a slap in the face.  A slap in the face of human rights, assuming unarmed African American males are human, of course.  Continue reading

Hammer Please Don’t (pt.3 of the Saga)

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So Hammer isn’t backing down, even though Jigga says it wasn’t an intentional diss.  But I must hand it to Hammer, he is definitely the opposite of a buster!.. The man CALLS A BROOKLYN radio station and handles these questions.  It gets DEEP at 5:14!!

THIS is why I never lost respect for Hammer.. he’s like that embarrassing uncle that you hate having to be with in public.. but thats the OG uncle Stanley Hammer!

Forever Hoes

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Can someone please explain to me why Forever 21 bags have John 3:16, the bible verse, on their bags! Forever 21 is a clothing store that caters to whores, both professional and volunteer. Ain’t no religion involved! That’d be funny if the clothes themselves had verses on them. Chicks would be buying up all the Thongs of Salvation and Clear Heels of Redemption. But a lot more dudes will get more familiar with the bible if a stripper slid down the pole in a John 3:16 G-String

Here’s a comedian talking about forever 21.. I can’t relate to this at all, but I’m sure it’s hilarious to SOMEBODY!

Mr. Nice Guy: Goin Thru My Head

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I get accused of being nice in an attempt to fuck the bitches a lot.  I do flirt, but got dammit I swear these females should get over their lil ole vages.  That’s like competing in a gameshow and the prize is a brand new washer/dryer.  Sure you may beat out your contestant, but at the end of the day, your prize is chores.  I’m not nice because I’m trying to fuck you, I’m nice cause I’m feeling nice.  I’m not an asshole because I don’t want to fuck you. I’m an asshole because I’m just feeling a lil assholier than thou at the moment.  I (speaking for myself now) am capable of thinking with my actual head, but whats the point if the broads are just gonna accuse you of thinking with your dickhead?  Now I (again speaking for myself) wont start acting like an asshole and blame it on these punk ass broads, I’ll take ownership for my shit.. I’d rather u RUNAWAY from me than walk.


Not Hitting The Hammer on the Nail

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When Jay-Z made light of Hammer’s decade plus old bankruptcy, he pobably wasn’t counting on the Oakland MC responding with such vigor. In a recent interview Jay-Z basically says it was a misunderstanding an he didn’t mean to hurt Hammer (who usually does the hurting and people have to ask him HAMMER PLEASE DONT HURT ‘EM).

Jigga is right about one point:
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Prop 19 Pot Shots

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So the California Proposition 19 to legalize Marijuana has FADED away.  Now that the hopes of legalization in Ca. are officially burnt after today’s elections, news outlets, I’m betting, will get pun-ny with the headlines.. these headlines were just out and are funny to me.. can’t wait to see more!:

California marijuana legalization goes up in smoke

Prop 19 crashes

I hope to see more!..

I was go and Vote, but then I got High.. I was gonna legalize the right to toke, but then I got high.. But I don’t really care. do you know why?.. Yea-hea! because I got high.. because I got high!! ladadadadadah

Don’t Play With THAT HAMMER!

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Many have taken cheap shots at MC Hammer since he fell from grace as the rap sensation who went bankrupt, losing $30 million back in the 90’s.  It seems that the Oakland, Ca MC has had about enough and lashed out at Jay-Z for taking a shot at him in a Kanye West track, I’m so Appalled.”  Jay-Z is known for ending careers and blackballing individuals.. But I wonder if his powers will be useless against a dope MC who actually has NO career right now.  Check Hammer’s video “Better Run Run” where he proceeds to HOO RIDE Jigga!

hear Jay-Z’s pot shot at Hammer…

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¡Dios De Los Dregos!

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No matter how people feel about the fallen Bay Area MC, Mac Dre, Today is a day we speaketh NO ill upon him.  He was a trendsetter and a tastemaker among many and he enjoyed making us collectively gig.. SO play Mac Dre.. because he’s still TOO HARD FOR THE MOTHAFUCKIN RADIO!

this video here is a SPECTACULAR mash up video from his song BLACK BUCK ROGERS and the TV show BUCK ROGERS!

This “NOT MY JOB” video is hella funny too!…

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Hollywood HOLLAween

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Holloween is NOT my favorite holiday.. I don’t hate Halloween but its never been holy.  I mean when I was a kid it was a holy day free candy.  But now, it’s an excuse to get incredibly faded.. and I don’t need any damn excuse to walk around super wasted with a jedi light saber be it Halloween Sunday or Thursday.. BUT I never have done it as big as Kid Cudi

But really Halloween is kinda stupid.. I was out there in Hollywood. It was pure debauchery and pandemonium! 5 mufukkas got shot near where I was standing, Continue reading

My Ninja!

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This brotha takes on 20+ officers with no weapon!?  and just like MC Hammer, They can’t touch him!.. Dude is my Hero!  My Ninja!

.. I can’t help Continue reading

Ain’t No Telin’ Bout Ellen

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My lil brother thought he was sick.. he’s been listening to a lot of Lil B rap songs! This dude from Berkeley, Ca who raps with the Wolf Pack and is now a sensation in rap among some. The boy does know how to stir up controversy! He compares himself to “pretty Bitches” “princesses” and Ellen Degeneres. He recently said on Twitter that if Kanye West doesn’t collab with him he would, in so many words, rape him. He’d be great for the ELLIN SHOW

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Runaway! Time Lost is Life Lost

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Now the “banned” phoenix cover of Kanye West’s album makes sense.. it’s a part of the story of his Runaway” short film.. The 34:00 video is beautiful, and artistic, but at the end of it [ SPOILER ALERT] you’ll wish you could wind back the hands of time.. that being said.. watch at your own risk:

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I Wish He Ran 4 CA Gov.

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I’m sure many Californians are out there are wishing for a third option in this gubernatorial race to shake things up. In New York, there is a dude stealing the show from front runners, Tony Cuomo and Carl Paladino, Democrat and Republican respectively. His name is Jimmy McMillan aka The Black Hulk Hogan aka Papa Smurf, and he is a Vietnam Veteran who is running for governor as the candidate of the one-man Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

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I saw on twitter that Kanye “really don’t be thinkin about Walmart when I create my music or album covers #kanyeshrug” then I quoted the tweet, because Retweeting sucks on the twitter iPhone app and quoting a tweet makes more sense AND uses the same amount of characters as the RT and I thought it was silly to see Kanye put in the #kanyeshurug, because it should’ve been just a shrug #ImeanRIGHT.. but then I saw what he was talking about that got “banned in the USA”

I thought, “Kanye West’s album gets banned!? I can’t believe that the powers that be won’t let this image run in stores and shelves! It’s not like it’s a grotesque image! It’s not like a hideous depiction of the black demon lying buck naked getting rode by a white she beast with wings for arms! Oh wait- it is all of those things and worse. He didn’t make space of the whole cover! Fuck that album cover. I think the artist/producer/director/conceptualist who created the “Power” song and video can come up with something better than that there. LA Times suggests its a media stunt. I hope the hell so. But even if the album gets banned in places like Walmart and Best Buy for having, what looks like demons fucking, he’ll probably still do strong sales

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Rap Lords of the Dance

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“Gangstas don’t dance, we boogie” -Kurupt

“My niggas don’t dance, we just pull up our pants and do the Rockaway” – Fat Joe

Rap cats kill me!  They always say they don’t dance, but will immediately start dancing.  I first caught on to this when Kurupt of the Dogg Pound said he doesn’t dance, he boogies, while doing a gangster dance called the C-Walk (the C is for Crip).  Fat Joe had a hit where he repeats in THE CHORUS how him and his crew don’t dance, but they do the Rockaway, which is a fuckin’ dance (dumbass).  Then the bastard had the nerve to INSTRUCT us in the dance (which is to just lean back repeatedly and rhythmically).  Too bad they didn’t know that only years later EVERYBODY would be coming out with more dances that Sadie Hawkins! Ever since Soulja Boy saw success off his “Crank Dat” record, folks have been treating rap like a promotional tool to sell dances..  I don’t want to be a “Jerk” but fuck these ole’ Michael Flatley ass busters!  The latest dance has me fed up!  Some young fools were must’ve been watching TNT or TBS one late night and saw the movie Weekend at Bernie’s and thought, “We can do this in the club!” Continue reading

Goin Hard 4 Breast Awareness

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I was in 7-11 on the late night trying to purchase some liquids when I saw THIS display.  The folks down there with the Breast Cancer Awareness have lost it!  It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and as serious as breast cancer is, “Save The Ta-Tas (slang for Titties)” campaign is in poor taste.  Continue reading

I Roach U A Luv Letter

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Have you ever been so broke that you WISH you had roaches because you heard they’ve got a lot of potassium and protein? Then upset when you realize you’d need food in your house to attract roaches! I saw a roach this morning that changed my life, probably forever!
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Tuesday Tune up!

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Kid Cudi Erase ME ft. Kanye West

OKAY!.. I’m gonna start a Tuning you up on Tuesdays if you you don’t mind.  I’ll post a couple brand new videos, A brand new song and a classic Jam.

I like that Kid Cudi FINALLY put out the video for Erase Me ft. Kanye West.. The Shit is thoroughly fresh!

My favorite line of the song “knowin someone U love don’t feel the same way about U, memories they soon delete” … Ain’t never lied!

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Comedy Vampire Shit

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Its been a couple of years since I moved out to Los Angeles from Oakland, Ca. Its’s been 5 years since I looked decided to become a comedian, going on stage and entertaining people without an instrument or an instrumental. The main reason I moved to LA is because I didn’t feel like I was getting enough time to get tight. I could write all day, but it really only counts when you’re in front of a crowd. In the bay area, if I was feeling ambitious, I could get up 3 times a week maybe 5 times in a month, including everything from shows with actual audience, to open mics with ALL comedians who rarely pay attention for whatever reason (not judging, I don’t pay too much attention my damned self). in LA, there are a gang of microphones! If you’re being lazy, you can hit 3 mics a week maybe 5 times a month, including everything from shows with actual audience to open mics with comedians not paying attention. I think i might have found my absolute favorite room, ever.
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Hollywood Hangover

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I don’t remember much from last night’s Hollywood adventure, but what I do remember was quite memorable.

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Balloon Bouquet

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Shouts out to all the girls who sport the balloon bouquets on their birthdays. You woke up early in the morning to go to school dragging along a weightless anchor, announcing your survival through another year in what it is we call LIFE! I don’t know if its because you carried a ton of balloons ALL DAY LONG, but it does seem as though you are floating somewhat. You should be floating! The world is about to recognize you as a mature woman… as soon as you ditch the balloons!.. But don’t do it too soon! Hang on too your youth, young woman, like you hang on to those balloons. Because once you let go, there are no balloon bouquets in adulthood (unless you graduate I guess… or stay a mentally stagnate silly assed individual). There IS a bouquet of BILLS and WORK SHIFTS waiting in your future! PS, how do you get on the bus with all that shit??

Todd Shaw AKA Too $hort has an interesting outlook on a young woman’s coming of age

Mr. Nice Guy

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A lady that I grew up knowing all my life, Mrs. Ada Crews (RIP), had a motto: “Nice always wins.” I would probably agree except I’ve noticed that when I’m nice, folks tend to overstep boundaries, which upsets me and makes me act like an asshole just so I can soothe my spirit. Does this make me an asshole by nature? Why do I have to TRY to be nice, or TRY to not be an asshole? Is assholistic my default setting? probably. I may not be the biggest asshole, but I’m probably ASSHOLIER than thou. Which feels pretty nice.

Winter Frosty Cupcakin’

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cup-cake [kuhp-keyk]


1. a small cake, the size of an individual portion, baked in a cup-shaped mold.

2. Older Slang . a. a sexually attractive young woman.

b. a beloved girl or woman.


3. To spend sweet time with someone either in person or on the phone

People think Summer and Spring are the seasons of love.. Even though we’ve all had a Summer love and caught Spring fever (if you’re fortunate), I have to say that Winter, is the best season to generate warmth between two beings, especially since its son damn cold out.  Females that I’ve gotten with in the summers and springs of my life have always made it clear to me that they were only interested in getting that itch scratched.  It has always been the ones I’ve spent winter nights with shielding each other from the elements that have forever held a special place in my spirit.

That being said, you and I all have until Nov. 1 to submit those relationship applications before the winter deadline expires.  Cause once the rain crashes against your window pane, being alone will drive you insane, so when its cold outside, who will you be holding? Continue reading

Myspace is Still Cracking??

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A lot of people are forward thinking digital playas on the cutting edge of the latest social networks and all that type of bullshit who have given up all the way on myspace.  You remember myspace?  The site that let your own name be one million characters and sentences if you wanted it to be.  It was where females with profile pictures featuring nothing but booty hooked up with guys wearing assault rifles and tattoos while standing next to a pile of drugs and/or money.  Then, all of a sudden, It became played out. People went to facebook.  People left to twitter. People stopped giving a damn about bulletins.  Well… Almost everybody.  I got an interesting request on my myspace (because I really like booty profile pictures) very recently that made me evaluate how played out myspace actually is. Continue reading

Shows Up!

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Today is a Show DAY for ya folks, King Anyi.  First up.. in less than an hour, I’ll be hosting HEAR IN THE CITY with Sara Harris on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles.  It’s dope to be a part of a radio show on an ACTUAL station, after so many years and months contributing to other shows, funny-style orgnizations, and janky online internet stations.  This show is about Radio Realities from the Urban Landscape that is Los Angeles.  It’s our fourth show and you can check out the stories on Hear In The City‘s website!..

Then Tonight… Continue reading

The Show on the Road Must Go On

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Last night was my first road gig in 4-5 months! Out in Perris, Ca (Riverside County) at the Masonic lodge. I won’t talk about how strange it felt to be performing in the worship center of The premiere secret society of secret societies. I will say the show almost didn’t go on. Continue reading

Doin Just Enough..

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It was my birthday yesterday!.. My brother told me not to do TOO MUCH.. which means don’t go crazy.. I did JUST ENOUGH.. for the citay!.. what did I do? Work.  It was a good thing!..

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Planes, Trains, & No Automobile

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This past weekend, I was able to take a trip back home from LA to the Bay Area to host FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS at Blake’s in Berkeley.  

Here’s a lil clip of me in action there jokin around, sellin drinks, introducing rappers, and being pressured to spit flows!

I requested to take Amtrak instead of flying because I’m convinced that the flight experience is total crap.  Sure you save time, but other than that, there’s no benefit tot flying whatsoever.  Taking te train may have taken a longer time, but not only did I NOT have to be super security screened or cramed in a seat, I got to enjoy views like this one.

I AM going to have to catch a flight THIS weekend where I’ll be hosting for Bennett College For Women’s CLASH OF THE LEGENDS STEP SHOW a part of Continue reading

Generational Conversationals

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I believe the children are the future.. Teach them well.. Etcetera.

I remember when my young cousin was the size of my foot.. 13 years later and the boy has a little bass in his voice.. All of which he uses to tell me about his variety of “bitches.” Continue reading

Back in the Game

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I’ve been living long enough to be suspicious of females I meet in nightclub settings.  9 times out of 10 they shake their ass for you before they shake your hand.  I have lived in LA long enough to be more than suspicious of a female I meet in a Hollywood nightclub.  I don’t exepect anything substantial or sustainable with Those.. Like produce on the shelves at Ralph’s on Slauson and Crenshaw.

I did, however, come across this female from Houston who is new LA.. Like WEEKS new.. So idk if the spirit of the city has swept her away.  I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because
A) she’s from the Texas
B) I met her at a reggae spot (Reggae on Sunset)- Which is way less phony than a regular night club
C) she’s finer than the legal print on my cell phone contract

And she wants to kick it with me so why not let her?

But im wondering if she’s sees something in me thats not there.. Like Good Credit..
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Wild Daze

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Who remembers KYLD San Francisco when it was Wild 107.7. Even though they’re now Wild 94.9 I remember them playin these here groovelles that you just don’t hear so often!


Town Sick

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I moved to Los Angeles from Oakland seven months ago, and ever since I left, my home city has been experiencing one tragedy after the next.
First, the economy crashed and while our nation was coming to terms with being in a recession, my thoughts were with those in Oakland who have always been struggling.
Then on New Year’s Day, 22-year-old Oscar Grant III was shot in the back…lying face down by a BART Transit policeman, in front of a crowd of people. Bystander videos of the murder inspired rioting and protests against police brutality, unhealing a wound within the community that’s been oozing for decades. Then, last weekend before the city could catch its breath, a wanted parolee, killed four Oakland Police officers. The city is having worse luck than
Growing up as a black man in Oakland, I always felt vulnerable to thugs like police killer Lovelle Mixon, and to police officers like former transit cop Johannes Mehserle. Mixon preyed on Oakland residents before he killed four officers sworn to protect and defend, and Mehserle was one of those protect and defend guys who unprovoked, shot an unarmed black man. For me the tension of being caught between such forces, always caused uneasiness in my stomach, even just walking down the street.
As new information comes out about the gunman, like him being a child rapist, I cannot sympathize with this character or feel sorry for his fate. I’m really upset because he is an example of how the heinous actions of one are applied to a whole group of people. This cop-killer has made things much worse for the common black man walking the streets, and it was already pretty hard.
I was walking down the street after work one night and was greeted by an officer this way: “Are you on parole or probation or carrying any concealed weapons?” I told him about my grocery store standard issue box cutter and he laughed at me and granted me permission to go home. That was my introduction to someone hired to serve and protect my community and enforce the law. It made me feel less than human, and definitely less than American.
Even in my short time spent in LA, I’ve been pulled over on foot for “fitting the description” of a suspect.
Just Like Police are suspicious to see if the common black man is thugging, thugs are paranoid that the common black man might be the undercover police, or a “snitch.” Snitch means someone who is a paid informant or a criminal who testifies against another criminal for less time. The word, however, has been interpreted in several communities to mean anyone who dials 911 for any reason. Anyone whose dialed 911 and called police over to anywhere would be considered a snitch to a lot of people. Who wants to face that castration within their own community? Especially when calling police over usually results in you being scrutinized and searched.

My mother told me that even though she misses me, she’s glad I’m away, because she feels it isn’t safe. I’ll be alright, I just won’t pack that hoodie.

808’s and Jail Breaks

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rap star Kanye West was charged on Wednesday with battery, theft and vandalism in connection with a September 11, 2008 scuffle with paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport.

kanye 808 and jail-break

This is Kanye busting a camera open… I’d have beaten the breaks off Kanye.. this is MY camera!

The L.A. District Attorney’s Office has accused West, 31, of smashing camera equipment in the encounter. He faces up to two and a half years in prison if convicted on all the misdemeanor charges… If convicted, he’ll an album called “808’s and Jailbreaks.”

feeling XXS at LRG party

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Since I didn’t get any of that free ish they were talking about.. I say the party was craptastic. Oh AND it ended in violence.. But I did meet a little sweetie pie as chaos ensued.. (listen to the gal all concerned for the other gal. U.N.I.T.Y.)

Later that night… Some girls were going DUMB in the streets of Hollywood.. I thought they might have been from the Bay Area the way they were Gigging on the pavement..

btw.. I would have hollered at those Feemales, but they were about to get pulled over.. If you happen to be one of these females.. holler and tell me if the officer let you off the hook!

Even though the club was a bust- the night was an Overall Thrill!


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I heard this playing at a restaurant I was at and it reminded me- Biggie got killed on this day.

Reminded me of this of curse:

I got to post my favorite Notorious BIG joint..

Strong Hip-Hop Week

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This past week was Strong, in terms of Hip Hop, and what I saw out there in the world… It all Started Thursday (Feb 26th) in SF at Mighty, for Scion’s “Beatbox” special event, featuring working boombox sculptures!.. Peep!

I was super juiced to see this, If you couldn’t tell!

Then I bounced back to LA and caught the Dead Prez show @ the Key Club (Friday 27th). Them Bruvvas was ill.. they brought out they Fam, Essential MC, who dropped some Spoken Science.. peep!

Then of course Dead Prez hittem in the head with “Hip-Hop!” M1’s opening line is stuck in my head: “MothaF****n Fake, fake records, records!” (bwahahaha).. *Caution: Bass Heavy!*

Then Sunday (March 1) I went to a club LAX, where fools were breakdancing to Daft Punk.. It was impeding on my club grindery, so I wasn’t feelin it… until I peeped the footage.. then it was just aight.. I still hate when dancers effin take up the floor and inhibit the grindery.. wamp wamp!

Then Tuesday I was out and about and saw Snoop Dogg’s, Uncle Junebug outside of a Snoop performance, where I asked him about the economy, wall street, and Chrihanna. his replies were so high-larious, I had to bouce out on him just to watch the tape and LMMFBAO!

Then I went to Dim Mak Tuesdays (March 3rd) @ Cinespace, where there was a masked DJ, who I believed was Will.I.Am (yea I heard he’s like a phantom DJ too!) I asked Apl.De.Ap, also of Black Eyed Peas, about this, to which he couldn’t confirm nor deny (which to me is enough to say yes ;-p).. but I also ask him about Taboo being cast as VEGA in the new Street Fighter movie “The Legend of Chun-Li”

Damn.. Im hip hopped out.. I better listen to some Weezer, or Weezy!
( http://tinyurl.com/dmjzqq )
I did wish I caught the Game Brothas in San Diego tho this past week.. THIS looked crackin!.. these cats are major-league slept on right now!

Enjoy! And ya don’t stop!



Rants and Roasts: Chrihanna and Millian

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So Chris Brown is scheduled for arraignment this Thursday (Feb. 5th, 2009). so I had to drop my pennies on the situation, cause I haven’t dropped a full dollar yet!

Now WTF was this chick thinkin!?
where’s the self love?.. she look like Lil Kim but toe up!
Lil Kim lookin’ Bad nowadays tho!

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Don’t Cuss Just Because

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It’s no cussing week in LA, inspired by the No Cussing Club ( http://www.nocussing.com ). The objective of the event is to raise awareness of more enlightened forms of communication. Months ago, I began censoring myself at a day job I had. Instead of saying the F-word when I hurt myself, I would say “F-Word” or “Expletive Deleted.” On my blog, I began saying “Ish” instead of the S-Word and uFck, instead of the F-word. I really challenged myself to replace offensive words in my lexicon, and still express the true nature of my thoughts, feelings, and action. The NCC website says, “Clean language is a sign of intelligence,” which I interpret as, If you cuss, you’re an idiot. But I know that isn’t true. Some of the most intelligent people in the world drop an F-Bomb every now and then. And what about those who don’t curse that still come off as offensive and crass. It’s not the words; it’s the intentions that gauge the true nature of a person. The previous Bush Administration demonstrated some of the most offensive actions and legislations in the history of man, and did it without uttering one swear word on TV. Call it a character defect, but even if I’m not swearing, I’m going to use my creative juices to find means to articulate an offense towards someone else. I read the NCC’s Challenge, which says,
I won’t cuss, swear, use bad language, or tell dirty jokes. Clean language is a sign of intelligence and always demands respect. I will use my language to uplift, encourage and motivate. I will Leave People Better Than I Found Them!
My first thought after reading the challenge was, I can uplift someone, even if I curse. But that was just my habbit taking over. I decided to try the challenge, giving up swears for one week. Then my AT&T phone bill came, and that was the end of that!

Vegetative State of the Black Union?

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Tavis Smiley’s 10th annual “State of the Black Union” in Los Angeles took place today and there were a number of speakers who had a lot to say about Barack Obama and the state of Black people as a whole.
#sobu2009 was the number seven most searched trend on Twitter today, meaning folks were tuned in and interested in the state of black people in America.
I tweeted on the stream #sotbu09 , so I could keep track of MY tweets. You can check that at http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23sotbu09

Among my favorite quotes:
Danny Bakewell, Sr.
“We shouldn’t raise Obama to a sanctified position, we elected a leader, not a savior”
“It’s not that he’s doing a lot that’s different, he’s just taking it up a notch. For example, normally, a black leader before he speaks will emphasize the importance of the Black Woman. Barack didn’t do this, he SHOWED you his affection for his wife, Michelle, [solidifying the Black woman as the greatest global treasure].”
Rev.Al Sharpton
“We don’t have Dem or Rep in our DNA, we support those parties that support us”
Deregulation of business and media… Reps rally support around denouncing a cartoon, but supports the ‘media mafia’ that makes an [ignorant] cartoon expendible
Dr. Cornel West
“For us the condition of truth is to let the suffering voices emerge”
Age of Obama is magnificent, but we have to talk about the Age of Reagan, it was the Backdrop… I know [Reps} have changed since then, but we have to talk about it
Michael Steele
My first outreach was to welcome [Obama].. because we had one thing in common: we are Black men in influential positions
Dr. Julianne Malveaux
How did we get here? Its called greed, Tavis. You had peole trying 2nd mortgages, 3rd mortgages. But we believed the hype!
“The Unemployment rate was 7.6% in Jan [2009]. For Americans that have work, but part-time[, and are “stuck”]7.6, turns to 15.9%, for African Americans, that turns to 20%
“The first thing we looked at wasn’t a stimulus, but a bailout!”
“Why did we ever have affirmative action?- because there was exclusion”
“If it’s not about Affirmative Action Adequately fund higher education so students don’t come out with thousands of dollars of debt, and no opportunities”
“If you can finance a car for 0% interest, why no a college education”
“Couldn’t Bank of America shave off $1 bil. To save the food stamp program [which is almost bankrupt]”
Randal Robinson
“When you watch American news You get controlled news, when you watch outside news, you learn what we aren’t doing”

“Bush, with the help of Rice and Powell went into Haiti to send forces to kidnap the president of Haiti and his wife”
“I played basketball in college; I ran up and down a court and thought it was important”
“We cant go around the world overthrowing democracies we don’t like, just because they don’t like us”
“Lincoln didn’t start the movement [to free slaves], Toussaint L’Overture did. And Haiti has been paying for it since the 1800’s”
Write your congressperson and two Senators about cocaine sentencing reform

I spoke with a lot of folks, but here’s my interview with GOP chairman, brother Michael Steele

Chris Brown Beatdown: Diddy’s Love Shack?

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After more than two weeks of Super Drama, Chris Brown and Rihanna are “On again”. After reportedly getting into a huge scuffle that left Rihanna lumped up, and Chris Brown handcuffed up, the couple rekindled their love for eachother… At Diddy’s house?? Even though I smell something fishy, I’ll give the obligatory awwwwwwwwwwww… Tender

So, between the two, whose doing what dope? (I say-Chris Brown drinks, and Rihanna totes that girl.. You know “That Girl!”.. Put me down for $20)

The Art That Goes Boom

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Last Night I was in SF for a Scion event: Beatbox.

An art exhibit and concert, the event is focused on artistically crafted homemade stereo systems. These fully functioning boom-box sculptures will come to life with sight, sound and motion by utilizing the latest automotive audio/visual equipment: speakers, head units, flat screens, and LED lights. Some of the installations will resemble various art sculptures and the exhibit will also feature throwback boom boxes made from original materials ust like the old days, with speakers built in and a car head unit.

Toon One came with THE BOP GUN, the gun-modeled boombox inspired by George Clinton and Ice Cube’s “Bop Gun (One Nation)

Skyy Vodka was giving out the bar, promoting their pineapple and citrus vodkas. I took full advantage, yet somehow my head isn’t pounding like one of the displays.

Watermelon? Really? That’s How You Feel?

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cant even speak on it.

is it Weezy or Weezer!?

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so It’s official, Lil Wayne has crossed over like Allen Iverson into Rock Music. Call it Codeine Rock, but this track “Prom Queen” is kind of infectious.

Weezy and Weezer should work together, just cause it rhymes

I know Weezy’s on tour with Gym Class Heros, which I like on this Cut:


On An Island with Natalie

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I used to have a lightweight crush on Natalie Portman, cause my brother, http://www.DankThomas.wordpress.com, used to rave about her in The Professional.
It wasn’t until i saw her as Padme in Star Wars til I really raised more than my eyebrow peepin her out! but after I saw THIS.. Im lookin for her high and low!

SHOUTS OUT TO Lonely Island, they are from the Bay Area doing things el Grande, and makin me laugh hard.. = they got E-Feezy on a track, so THAT’S whats up!

Santana DVX ft. E-40

Like a Boss

They should really get Slim Thug on something cause, while I feel their effort, Its not slappin harder than :

Like a Boss